Monthly Archives: July 2016

American-Flag1I have little to say since a Trump v. Clinton election in November is a foregone conclusion.  It is ultimately going to be decided squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Each major party has selected the worst possible choices.  Hilary Clinton appears to be the lesser of the two evils, but not by much.  The saving grace is she is not a neo-fascist.  She is accountable for what happened in Benghazi and not someone who will ever earn my trust.  But she does not advocate changing the Constitution and a total Muslim ban which most-likely will radicalize non-radical Muslims or bamboozling us to believe we can build a wall on the Mexican border and send Mexico the bill.  I would vote for Gary Johnson if and only if I believed either he had a chance to win or if it was an indirect Hilary Clinton vote vies-a-vie the Teddy Roosevelt Bull-Moose effect.  But it also gives the Never Trump coalition two anti-Trump choices which could allow the Trump supporters to win by default with 34%.

It is too late in the game to change the way things are with respect to the respective parties’ conventions, but if the Republican Party is going to once again be the party of Lincoln, Reagan, and Teddy Roosevelt, it has to get past Donald Trump, either this year or in 2020, and reintroduce its constituency to candidates like Lincoln, Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Barry Goldwater, the latter of whom never served as U.S. President.

The thing to watch out for at the RNC is playing on the emotions, rather than the intellect of the voters.  Bringing people on-stage like a woman whose son was killed in Benghazi and Clinton belongs in prison in vertical stripes.  I understand exactly how she feels, but Trump is no better and is using white supremacist groups as a springboard to his evil.  Trump too, should be in jail for the Trump University scam.  And a Trump presidency will only divide this nation more and more.

The best advice I can give is show up at the polls no matter what.  Although I do not condone voting for nobody for president, at least vote the congressional ballot.  There is plenty of time to have an epiphany and decide between Trump, Clinton, and Gary Johnson and if it is determined that the lesser of the evils is to bite the bullet, elect Clinton, and strive for a Lincoln-Reagan Republican in 2020, [we] can load up both houses of Congress with Republican conservatives and keep her in check for four years.

This is the first time in my lifetime American Democracy has truly been on trial and we are obligated to give it a fair one.