Monthly Archives: August 2016

American-Flag1Donald Trump has repeatedly crossed lines I have never seen crossed by candidates running for office in the fifty-three years I have been on this hunk of mud.  I do support 2nd Amendment rights just like I support the rest of the Bills of Rights and the rest of the Constitution—what makes freedom and democracy work in this country and why even if it loses some of its greatness, it will always be the greatest with respect to the rest of the world, is that the Constitution is the only thing in this great nation that is omnipotent.  The Merriam Webster and Oxford English Dictionaries define omnipotent as absolute rule albeit the roots of omni and potent suggest it mean a strong force for change.  Anyone in all three branches of government must be in absolute submission to the Constitution.

Today, Donald Trump suggested Hillary Clinton wants to do away with the 2nd Amendment.  First of all, no American President, past, present, or future, has the authority to amend or repeal amendments on his or her own; the process is an uneasy process even with a large majority of one party or another in Washington; and for a very good reason.  Then he said if she gets elected and gets her judges [SCOTUS], there is nothing you can do…well maybe 2nd Amendment people can do something…leaving a gray area s to whether he is asking or hoping of a 2nd Amendment advocate to attempt to assassinate Hillary Clinton.  Though that is extreme, even for Trump, the way the media is today, anyone standing at the podium with an open microphone must leave no stones unturned when deciding what to say and how to say it.

As a lifelong conservative and registered with the Republican Party, I am not thrilled to death with a Hillary Clinton presidency or a Supreme Court that swings to the left.  Forty-four years after Watergate, we have proven we can survive crooks, if you buy into Crooked Hillary.  We have survived the Earl Warren Supreme Court.  I do believe the more liberal the court, the harder it is for them to do their job since the judicial branch has no authority to make laws, only to enforce and interpret existing ones and determine constitutionality or unconstitutionality if necessary.  Alas, Hillary is no prize.  But a Hillary Clinton presidency may have to be looked upon as an act of clemency—the greater good over Donald Trump.  We can survive all those things Hillary is or is allegedly, but I am not sure American Democracy can survive Donald Trump, who constantly demonstrates he is a fascist dictator at heart.