The Forgotten Man

the_forgotten_manThe Forgotten Man is a painting by Jon McNaughton with the Capitol building in the far backdrop and all forty-three men who served as president (forty-three, not forty-four because Grover Cleveland had two non-consecutive terms) dressed in the manner they did in their respective eras and in the foreground on the left is a man dozing off on a park bench surrounded by litter and dollar bills on the ground.  McNaughton tried to capture the symbolism that shaped the 2016 election.  The forgotten man can be any middle-class American disillusioned by the broken American dream, a dream he once believed in.

McNaughton painted the picture before the election and the president standing closest to him with his arms folded on the right is Barrack Obama.  Yes, Barrack Obama did not live up to expectations for many reasons, some his own and some out of his control—the result of the actions of his adversaries.  It is one of the most poignant works of art in our time and may have influenced people in our just past election; either way, but definitely moved people to go out and vote for somebody.  But to consider Donald Trump the antidote?  Donald Trump the messiah to carry the forgotten man to the promise land?  Think again.  Don’t put it past Jon McNaughton to paint a sequel with Trump lifting the bench with the man seated and tossing it into the Potomac.  The only American Dream Donald J. Trump ever took an interest in was his own.  He hasn’t paid taxes in twenty years and his vision for America is does not include very many non-Caucasian races, creeds, and religions.

American needs a conservative, not a megalomaniac who will enter the Oval Office clueless as Paris Hilton at Harvard and as out of touch and out of place as an abacus in a Best Buy store.  The forgotten man is now the forgotten and frightened man.  Forty-three presidents may have forgotten the forgotten man, but Trump is out to destroy him.

Not to mention the forgotten woman.  Trump made it clear he believes there are two genders for a reason; one for intercourse and one for everything else.  Our God-fearing devout Christian Founding Fathers are turning in their graves at the speed of light at the very thought of a man who treats the fair sex like property; in some cases communal property.  The biggest mystery to me is how women could vote for Donald Trump; especially when they had an opportunity to elect the first woman president in the history of this country.

My thoughts and prayers are with the forgotten man, and all the forgotten men and women who make up the forgotten middle class.  God bless and save this great nation.


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