The Republican Party from Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt to Reagan to Trump

Republican ElephantIf you look at the history of the GOP, the popular 3-letter sobriquet for our beloved Republican Party established in Rippon, Wisconsin in 1854, [you] would know that the Trump’s vision of the party and of the nation is in no way what the party’s founders had in mind.

There were several reasons why I came to the conclusion that it would be better for the nation and the Republican party to bite the bullet, let Hillary have her four years in the sun, and give the establishment and grass-roots conservatives, which would include the Tea party slightly subdued and reclaim the values of Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan in 2020 and make a better nation going forward.  This party never stood for bigotry and hatred.  The only reason our party is infiltrated with such people today is due to the disbanding of the Dixie-Crat faction of the Democratic party in the mid 1990s, which was far more right-ist than Reagan Republicans, and such people needed a new home.  And even after such transition, a majority of Americans affiliated with the Republicans are not bigots and do not condone bigotry and hatred in any way.  My fear was Trump would redirect the party and subsequently the nation in a way most Americans find intolerable and deplorable.  Reins Prebus notwithstanding, Donald Trump has now selected bigots to fill four posts and all four have gracefully accepted.

The Republican party was established six years before seven years before the Civil War and the very first agenda it was confronted with was keeping the union together and the abolition of slavery; picking up where our Founding Fathers fell short of their goal of a truly free country.  Though there is a thesis that supports the argument that Lincoln was not against slavery, he did eventually conclude I would not be one therefore I would not own one.  He worked hard in his first term to keep slavery out of non-slave states but if he was too actively involved in the slave states in their time, he would have lost the Union for sure.  In Lincoln’s day and until the Industrial Revolution went full tilt in 1890s and early twentieth century, the Republican party was the party of the North and the Democrats the party of the South.  The industrial revolution and the rise of American capitalism led to the elite choosing the Republicans and the working class the Democrats.  And when the Ku Klux Klan was established in Dixie, it was made up primarily of Dixi-Crat Democrats.

Long before Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, Theodore Roosevelt has the Square Deal which was an early reform program that resolved the plight of the working class by passing federal statues, not by creating extraneous regulatory committees and increasing the federal payroll.  Republican Theodore Roosevelt was also one of the biggest environmentalists and conservationalists of any president in the history of this country.  Today’s Democrats claim Republicans to be insensitive to the environment and that is not true of all Republicans.  It is a question of what is realistic.  Teddy also the least bigoted president prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ronald Reagan was possibly the greatest president in my lifetime, starting in the second-half of the twentieth century.  Reagan was the antidote to tax and spend economics that was running the deficit into oblivion.  Reagan believed in trickle-down economics as a gateway to job creation.  The failure of Reaganomics was not Reaganomics itself, but the fact that Reagan never had a majority in both houses of Congress and a bastardized version went through instead.  If the landscape of Congress were different in the 1980s, America would have experienced prosperity like it never saw before for decades to come once coupled with the break-up of the Soviet Empire, the decline of Communism, and the expansion of free trade throughout the world.  We would have had a global economy led by the United States of America,; not Japan and the EU (pre-Brexit).

I warned fellow Republicans and fellow Americans that Trump was a hateful, bigoted man and not the proper example to lead the GOP or this great nation, whether it is in decline or not.  By picking Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Stephen Flynn, and Mike Pompeo, four people with histories of bigotry, racism, and sexism, one who believes Islam should be obliterated from the face of the Earth, Donald Trump has more than shown his true colors and there is little we can do at this point since he is now President-Elect and will be sworn in on 01.20.2017 like it or not.  It proves my theory that the American people can no longer distinguish compassionate conservatives, reactionaries, and the radical right without score cards America is now going in a direction I never saw coming.  I knew we would inevitably have recessions.  I knew we had (and have) to make spending cuts and Big Bird notwithstanding, there is little that can be cut without some people getting hurt and yet, we would have to make the cuts, grin and bear it, and move forward for the Greatest Country in the World; whose greatness is a journey, not a destination.  If this is the direction Trump has chosen, you might as well repeal Civil Rights; apparently Mr. Trump does not believe all [people] are created equal.  Both the Republican party and the United States of America made a mistake putting their trust in Donald Trump.


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