Currently, The 7 Train has no product to sell.  In the event that it may in the future, I will always disclose receipts of such products and/or services (usually denoted as “c/o”) on my blog in a manner consistent with FTC guidelines.  Though I am not prohibiting accepting the occasional free gift, this will not in any way influence the content on The 7 Train.

The opinions expressed on The 7 Train are purely my own, or in the event I cite something expressed by a reader or anyone interacting with this blog, citations to the appropriate parties will be disseminated either formally or in text.

Content will be carefully screened by me for decency, fairness, and non-offensiveness.  Be aware, though, I am not perfect and anyone who takes offense to anything on The 7 Train for any reason, please email me at and let me know, I want to do a better job and maintain a long-term reader to blogger relationship.

I intend to express my opinions in a family friendly manner.  I will refrain from usage of fowl or abusive language. Pornography and similarly offensive content is absolutely prohibited.


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