How Trump Beat the Machine and where do we go from Here

American-Flag1As more information becomes available and our post-mortem talk about the 2016 Election and preparing for a certain Donald J. Trump to take the oath of office, we begin to realize how an odious multi-millionaire/pseudo-billionaire managed who never held public office managed to win what of the electorate he needed to become our forty-fifth president.

Ironically, one man instrumental in the election of Donald Trump made his contribution by dying.  Justice Antonin Scalia, the intellectual conservative justice on the US Supreme Court who passed away suddenly in Shafter, TX.  This leaves eight justice on SCOTUS right now with four liberals and four conservatives and the replacement will tilt the court one way or another.  Granted, most of the GOP class of seventeen were still actively vying for the nomination in February and all Republican hopefuls were on board with blocking President Obama from selecting the replacement—moderate Merrick Garland may have been reconsidered in the lame duck session if Hillary Clinton got elected.  Yes, Hillary did win the popular vote skewing the analysis as to whether the nation wants to move left or right on policies of the future; but with the exception of the off the bell curve liberals like Bernie Sanders, most garden-variety left of center liberals (right of the Sanders juxtaposition) do not want a liberal supreme court.  Not because they are not all in on forwarding a liberal agenda, but they want it accomplished through the other two branches of government.  It is not the function of the judicial branch to make or oversee the passage of new laws; but to enforce and interpret existing laws whether or not they agree.  The most effective justices are the status-quo minded conservatives to the slight right of the center.  To be status quo on everything is to accept the world the way it is and change nothing no matter what—the only people that fit that description are people who live under a rock and poorly educated people who lack the smarts to argue for something different.

Another mitigating factor is the now awakened hate element in our society.  After 9-11, people in America started to come together, united for the cause against terrorism.  This did not cure anyone’s personal prejudices, but they suddenly became unimportant.  But there were quite brouhahas going on south of the Mason-Dixon since the election of the first African American president which did not sit well with bigots, racists, and white supremacists, who are not yet extinct.  The aforementioned hate-mongers lacked one very important element until now, a wear less leader who can instill fear in people both inside and outside the circle.  They found that in Donald Trump. From his failure to promptly disavow KKK leader David Duke to his appointees to key cabinet and other posts, Trump has demonstrated that he sides with those who hate.

FBI director James Comey may have been the final nail in the coffin for the Hillary-Faithful, although not as big a factor when you factor in early voting.  Some states began voting almost two months before Election Day.  Of the thirty-seven states that foster some degree of early voting, only four give the voter the option to return to the polls, void their ballot, and cast another one for different candidate(s) between the opening of early voting and Election Day.  For the most part, the country was divided evenly between the two until the sexual harassment allegations broke out from an appearance Trump made in a soap opera on NBC ten years ago.  This incident got people in early voting states to go out and vote for Clinton.  Then Comey’s investigation of Hillary’s email and ethics got the balance of them to go out and vote for Trump.  The Comey investigation, the last event before the first Tuesday after November 1st that denotes the General Election got enough voters in rust-belt and the enough small states in the Mid-West to drown-out the massive California electorate which did go blue.  Alas, Hillary Clinton had Boardwalk and Park Place, but Trump had Marvin Gardens and all the yellows, St. James Place and all the oranges—the ones worth a little less but get landed on more often.

The question is: What now?  Duly noted, Donald Trump is a dangerous man to have as our president with his affiliations with hate groups and his tough talk of others around the world.  We are not any better by protesting in a violent fashion—violence only begets violence and we will live in an unsafe world for sure.  The President cannot be impeached for something he (or she) did before being inaugurated unless a jail-able offense was committed.  We all have to accept the fact that beginning 01.20.2017 at 12:00:01 Eastern Standard Time, Donald J. Trump will be President of the United States.  We don’t have to like it, but we cannot live in an alternate reality or advocate for belligerent courses of action.  We have to keep in in-check with vocal and organized opposition to any policies he supports that beget bigotry and hatred both within our borders and abroad.

As a closing note, one of Trump’s most vociferous opponents, 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney is being considered for a cabinet post, possibly Secretary of State.  Should he get the nod and should he nod back affirmative, he could represent a form of loyal opposition to prevent Trump from operating like a fascist dictator and implementing foreign policy fatal to American and possibly the world.  Duly noted, it was Mitt Romney who failed to defeat an incumbent failed leader—Barrack Obama a nice guy but unable to lead; which raises question marks about Romney’s own leadership skills, which could make him or break him should he undertake such endeavor.  Metaphorically speaking, at some point in our lives we all will hear the minister say, he who is not with God is with Satan by default…  If [Secretary] Romney cannot stand up to Donald Trump, he would be selling out to him by default; the onis is on him whether he sold out with willful intention to do so or even by default.  My advice to Governor Romney is to proceed, but proceed with caution; know what you are getting into in a Trump administration.


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