Republicans and Democrats are Political Parties—not Rival Teams

American-Flag1Try to imagine Yale and Harvard going at it on the gridiron the last Saturday before Thanksgiving at Ye Olde Harvard Stadium (erected 1907) for the Ivy League’s The Game.  Try to imagine something horrific like a gang of fifty boys or young men sneaking into the stadium to rape the Harvard Cheerleaders.  You would expect the players on both teams to put the football down on the ground and run to their rescue and prevent the unthinkable from happening.  Regardless which school you attend, attended in your youth, or are simply a fan of, most of us would be absolutely livid beyond disappointment if only the Harvard team went to the young girls’ rescue while the Yale team celebrated victory by forfeit and poured champagne over their heads in the visitor’s clubhouse.  So why is it that when we talk about the possible social medial breech and Russia possibly hacking our election; an action detrimental to our great republic withstanding, do the two parties wear their team uniforms and while one party condemns, the other condones; or at least argues to the American people there was no wrongdoing.

Possibly nothing did go wrong and the Russians never got involved in our electorate process; that is not the point.  Hypothetically speaking, it could have happened and just the fact that it is a real possibility, it is a time for both parties to put their differences aside and work together to make sure it never happens or at least never happens again.  Some of us are Republicans, some of us are Democrats, some independent or unaffiliated.  Some of us are liberal, come conservative, some moderate, and some liberal on some issues and conservative on others.  But we are all Americans first and in a case like this, it is only appropriate to put philosophical and ideological differences aside and do what is best of America—preserving the integrity of the electoral process.  It is not a day to put on the regular jerseys and battle it out on the gridiron for four grueling quarters or for a nine-inning or extra innings donnybrook on a green sword interrupted by a light brown diamond of dirt.  It is a day to postpone the competition and unite toward a greater cause.  This is why I believed and still believe my Republican party was in the wrong to sell out to Donald Trump.  Trump does not conform to what is expected of a good American; which is the prerequisite to running for office, especially on one of our major parties.

The twenty-first century American needs to be reacquainted with the vision of the American Character described by Norman Vincent Peale.  You may have a neighbor you have differences with and generally don’t speak or rival each other in some ways.  But if that neighbor falls off a ladder and you are close enough to the incident to respond, you still run to him and try to assist.  American values are based on something called vertical alignment which states four tiers of priority living: first God, then family, then country (i.e., the USA, the greatest country in the world), then everything else.  We are so worried about the American Dream gone forever.  And although I disagree and believe it can be resurrected, if the American Character is dead, [we] don’t deserve it anyway.  We have already lost most of the under-30 generation to smart phones, other portable devices, and social media; and I am not suggesting we attempt to put any genies back in the bottles. Technology can co-exist with American values; but we have to do more than just allow it—we have to insist on it and we have to be forever in maintenance to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution, or freedom, or people, and our ethics.  We are one nation, under God, indivisible, and we must begin living our lives that way.  We must give to the American Dream before we have the right to take anything from it; and we must be one people, despite philosophical and ideological differences.  Amen!


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