The 7 Train is a blog published by Scott Schoenhaus..  Working with you to preserve, protect, and defend the American Dream.

The mission statement of this blog I have started may change from time to time, but the crux focuses on the American Dream, and right now, the focus is on what must be done to balance the federal government’s budget, the most essential element to both its revitalization and its continued success.

I will tell you right off the bat, I am a Republican conservative.  Although I never intend to claim the right fringe as my personal real estate, I believe we need to learn from their ideas and create a vision that even the more liberal crowd will realize there is a time and place for their politics but we have to do this first.

No, I am not running for president.  There are lots of people better suited for that job than me, including Democrats more liberal than me.  One of my goals is to activate the third wheel of our political system that has been idle for the last twenty some odd years.  The first wheel is party politics, a recipe for gridlock, a divided government, and a divided America.  In the words of Abraham Lincoln, a house divided cannot stand.  The second is bipartisanship, involving both parties reaching across the aisle for a compromise.  Many Americans claim this is what they are hungry for, but in recent times, bipartisan solutions don’t always work.  At the end of the Bush administration in 2008, the first of the corporate and financial bail outs were passed in a bipartisan fashion and we are paying the price now.  The third wheel is as Thomas Payne named his publication, Common Sense. 

Once exposed to common sense solutions, the average American realizes that they make perfect sense and that many of them knew it all along; it is the media putting attention on candidates and their positions that have allowed these common sense solutions to lay dormant in the closets of or minds for quite some time.

I chose the name The 7 Train to avoid a name that bonds myself to a limited amount of topics and a self-defining title that leads to disappointment should I digress.  The 7 Train a subway train in New York City running from Brooklyn to Manhattan, making several stops in Queens along the way including Willets Point, the station serving Shea Stadium for forty-five years, and now Citi Field.  I hope to provide some good reading while riding the seven or any commuter train on your laptops and tablets, or for any reason that suits you.  I am a die-hard Mets fan and I would like to say something about baseball from time to time.


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