ChristmasTreeLet me begin by wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas.  Not to diminish the pomp and circumstance to the greeting of Happy Holidays but the Christmas is one of those words that brings out the best of me.  It brings out the inner child in me and many others that represents total innocence and infinite wisdom; which is our only hope for both the nation and the word.  While many make New Year’s resolutions to save more money and give up vices (not that I blame them, especially those with vices), I would like to resolve to not be obsessed with being politically correct all the time.  So if I want to say Merry Christmas or make reference to God, I will do so with my head hung high and with great pride to be one of God’s children.

Second of all, although it is disappointing that we are forced into going to war to stop ISIS and to recognize enemies of freedom and democracy at face value, as we countdown to December 25th, I would like annunciate my prayer and wish for what Christmas really should be about; Peace on Earth.  My Christmas wish cannot be manufactured in a North Pole workshop and be delivered by a jolly old elf dressed in red on a reindeer-driven sleigh.  In fact it is not something that can be delivered this Christmas, next and probably not the one after.  My Christmas wish is that ISIS is the last world-wide hate group we have to deal with in our lifetime and that the world can unite for the ultimate cause, the ultimate glorification of God, Peace on Earth.  I cannot say too much about the debates this week that we don’t already know, and I really need to see Republican debates when the field of candidates gets smaller; say only three (3) Republicans on stage, which will force them to use two and a half hours to discuss policy specifics.  But now through Friday, I hope all the candidates in both parties are just taking a holiday break and hold off attacking each other until after the New Year.  Let us set a worldwide example for Peace on Earth. 

To all of you, my sentiments, my wishes, my tidings:

Christmas is Christmas all over the world
People are people all over the world
We’re all God’s children, the big and the small
With smiles on our faces we stand ten feet tall.

It makes no difference wherever you roam
You can go far or stay right here at home
Turkey and mistletoe, snowflakes and toys;

Bells ring
Children sing
For Christmas is Christmas all over the world.



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