Trump Must Go

American-Flag1There won’t be a Republican Party as we know it if he gets elected president.  We do not stand for what he stands for.  You don’t take to a podium and say if someone in the night club had an assault rifle and shot the shooter between the eyes—that would be a beautiful site…There are limits!  I believe in the 2nd Amendment but I do not believe all forms of gun control are detrimental to 2nd Amendment rights.  I am not even saying it is wrong to want to take a shooter out before he kills as many as Sandy Hook or Orlando but it is wrong to speak and create imagery that if we did it we would be proud of it.  The mentality of arming people who you would not think to arm in the past in case of such a situation may have evolved into a necessary evil, but if and when it comes to that, I will never hold my head up high and call it a victory.  Americans, and people in general coming together and eradicating the necessity for such punitive actions is the victory we seek.  When we accept our role in God’s world that live our lives as sojourners to the city of Zion; when The Great Ronald Reagan spoke of the shining city on the hill, that was a metaphor for Zion and that was the journey Reagan wanted all Americans to pursue collectively.

If Satan can take on many forms, Donald J. Trump is the form The United States of America is plagued with right now.  My Republican stomach is in knots blurting it out, but a vote for Trump is a vote for Satan and the locusts are not far.  Less than one percent of American-born Muslims are radicalized, but if you do it the Trump way and ban then just because they are Muslims, that is the easiest way to radicalize a large number of them.  No American-born Muslim has ever done me any harm.  In the off-season, I ride the Waterbury-branch train with a gentleman who wears a turban and practices Islam and although I do not know his name, we have good conversation on the train and nobody riding the train gives him a hard time.  The Trump persona makes absolutely no sense to me and America is about to lose all of its sense and sensibility if it goes the Trump route.

At this time, I am not endorsing any candidate for President but I know who I absolutely will not endorse and will not vote for this November.    


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