The G.O.P. 1854 – 2016

Republican ElephantMy fellow Americans, May 4, 2016, a day that will live in infamy with respect to American Democracy, has seen and experienced the cataclysmic fall of the nation’s most powerful and influential conservative voice, a voice spoken softly and echoed loudly in its finest Americans like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan; the half of our two-party system affectionately known as the Grand Old Party.

Perhaps a fitting tribute as the Ringling Brothers Circus, the largest traveling circus in the United States, is going to stop using elephants to support a more humane treatment of our long-nosed pachyderm friends, the party symbolized by the red, white, and blue elephant first introduced by cartoonist Thomas Nast has lost its establishment base and is now symbolized by the orange comb-over of the odious and irreprehensible Donald J. Trump.

Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich have bailed within twenty-four hours of Trump’s victory in Indiana.  Now we can only turn to our rivals on the liberal side to defeat this neo-fascist and save our republic.  In chess, it is referred to as a gambit, when you sacrifice a power piece, a bishop, a rook, or your queen for better board position or to free up a square to checkmate the opponent.  In order for the Republican Party to be re-established as both the conservative party and a dominant force in American politics supporting the ideology needed to bring back opportunities and the American Dream, it must sacrifice the 2016 presidential election, allow Hillary to have her day in the sun as the first woman president, and pray for the nation and the Republican Party that it can be both viable and integral in the next decade.

This drastically reduces our margin for error and success as I believe the next ten years (2016 – 2025) is America’s Last Stand.  Though Bernie Sanders will be retired from public life, his socialist utopia albeit not the kind of socialism one hash mark right of communism will become reality in America by 2025 with no external forces to prevent it.  With the political continuum circular and both radicals and radical rightists meeting at the one fringe at the back of the circle, Trump fascism is not the answer and Trump is a tyrant who will stop at noting even to defy the Constitution and so many supporters wanting him to do whatever it takes to fix America (i.e. turn it into his Hell on Earth), an Article V Convention of States cannot be dismissed to propose an new constitution which may not contain our inalienable rights.  If you want to preserve free enterprise, states’ rights, a land of opportunity not entitlements, and above all, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we need a real honest a God Republican conservative in the spirit of Ronald Reagan (not Donald Trump) in 2020.  We are on a shaky precipice and our only viable move is a gambit.

The Republican establishment is dead and needs to be reborn in the spirit of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, and the grass-roots working class citizens (typically Democrats) who in 1980, voted Republican for a change as the slogan went.  Donald J. Trump is NOT a Republican; he is a fascist wearing a Republican suit.  The Republican Party now must shift to rebuilding the conservative voice and restoring to its lofty status as the party of the people who believe America was established to be the greatest country in the world; because in order to be the greatest again, it needs the people in the party who understand.


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