Primary Day–Voted for Ted Cruz

Republican Elephant04.26.2016 is finally here and I arrived at my polling place at the Quaker Farms School in Oxford, Connecticut and cast my ballot for Ted Cruz.  Trump is favored to win in the Nutmeg State; luckily Connecticut is not a “winner take all” state and every delegate that does not go to Donald Trump will be integral in stopping his evil.  Unfortunately for Cruz, Connecticut is too close to New York and with his caustic remarks on New York values, he will likely finish in third place here.

I have my doubts about the Cruz-Kasich “collusion” as it were.  I give them credit for trying but with both candidates needing more than one-hundred percent of the remaining delegates, the goal for both men is now a contested convention.  I am now on board with a contested convention.  But the one we do not want to see get nominated, none other than Donald J. Trump, can still acquire 1,237 delegates before July in Cleveland, guaranteeing him the nomination.  Though Richard Milhous Nixon is to this day considered the most corrupt politician in modern history, he was for all intents and purposes, and intelligent man.  The Nixon Axiom of American Politics states, if there is a movement to get rid of X, bet on X.  Presidential candidates have teamed up in this manner in the past to halt a frontrunner, but they were never this open about it disclosing their intention to the public.  I suppose with the media today, people would find out anyway.

I still think the better plan would have been for Kasich to drop out leaving Ted Cruz the only Trump alternative on the ballot ensuring him over fifty percent in most states (not New York).  As long as the anti-Trump vote is split two ways, Trump wins by default.  It is the simple Teddy Roosevelt Bull-Moose scenario in 1912 that resulted in the Republican vote split between Roosevelt and Taft and Woodrow Wilson winning the presidency with less than half of the popular vote.  Bill Clinton capitalized on this as well in 1992 with the Republican vote split between George H.W. Bush and H. Ross Perot.

I voted for Ted Cruz for two reasons; I think he is the only true conservative running and in a contested convention with Rule 40(b) in effect for the second and third ballot (barring a change in the rules on July 18 which is possible), Trump and Cruz are the only viable candidates.  No nominee after three ballots, 40(b) is out the window and anything goes.  I stand by my vote and pray the Republican Party does not divide due to Trump vs. The Establishment.  The die is cast.  Now we await the results.


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