Where is this Nation Going?

American-Flag1Earlier today, (04.12.2016) I heard Ohio Governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich speak of the two paths, referring to establishment conservatism or the “darkness” referring to but not mentioning by name Donald Trump.  This implies the Republican Party is already fractured and he hopes for the contested convention where the delegates will decide which path.  For the nation, there are several paths and we the people will have to make that choice come November.

First, there is the path of socialism laid out by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who speaks of free college and Medicare for all.  Sanders told his own constituents that taxes will go up but other expenses will go down and overall a better life (of which I respectfully disagree).  This is the first critical step socialism takes in diminishing freedom.  After the food, clothing, and roof over our heads we need for basic survival, the one expense we have no choice in life is taxes.  The same amount of money in taxes is not the same amount of money in private sector expenses.  We have no choice but to pay our taxes and we cannot negotiate tax rates.  But when it comes to which private sector company we choose for our health insurance, we have a choice and can shop rates and select perks based on our age and needs.  The more money we are forced to spend with channels for which we have no choice (i.e. the government) the less free we are.  In the history of the world, no nation with a democracy of some form has ever been as free a nation as the United States of America.

With a generation to eager to violate Ben Franklin and sacrifice liberty for security (both financial and with respect to our enemies domestic and abroad), socialism will inevitably become the law of the land unless America takes drastic action.  These next two national elections, this one and 2020 are the last eight years we have to make right by America and maintain its lofty status as the greatest country in the world.  We took the stopgaps away from corporations and they got too greedy.  Fifty years before the Great Ronald Reagan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt put the stopgaps on and over time Washington, DC got too greedy.  We need a compassionate conservative solution that works.  God Bless the good Republicans who held the line, but the time to simply be the party of NO is over—we need an alternative solution.  We are stuck with Obamacare until we have something better that does not impose on our freedom by penalizing $695 on our income tax for being uninsured.  But we still need laws ensuring nobody is denied insurance due to a pre-existing condition, choices for doctors and specialists, and parents being able to retain children on their insurance until age twenty-six.  We are a nation of laws, but not a nation of regulatory committees, which will grow exponentially in a socialist state.

Then there is the hideous path Trump laid out for a return to bigotry and hatred and laissez-faire form of capitalism where men like Frick and Bayer preached the distribution of wealth is for those few of us selected by God.  While the road to socialism is full of creases and potholes; what Jimmy Buffet referred to as a secondary road that shows its age (Bob Robertson Society Band), the Trump Highway is smoothly paved like a magic carpet; paved with good intentions, as is the road to Hell and is just that in disguise.  A road lined with shiny bobbles that Satan uses to deceive us.  A road to fascism and new era Jim Crow but not just discrimination on skin color, discrimination against anyone not in solidarity with Trump.  A road where the top one percent becomes the top one-one-thousandth percent with the smallest oligarchy in the history of this nation.  A road where the United States has no allies in the world and it becomes us against the world.  A road where the Constitution is reduced to toilet paper.  Not the America where I grew up.

The election of Donald Trump as our president would not be the end of a national nightmare, but merely the beginning.  As long as the odious Trump can keep selling his bills of goods, many of which are not constitutional, he will coerce many Americans to go to their state legislatures and apply for an Article V Convention of States to take the stopgaps off the evil Trump view of the America.  If the Convention of States had the approval of thirty-four state legislatures, they can simply amend the Constitution or throw it completely out and devise a new one which can be ratified with three-quarters of Congress or three-quarters of state legislatures.  This is why Trump must be stopped even if we must break rules to do it and covet clemency later.

Then there is a path to a reunified great nation that can emulate the shining city on the hill.  The path to the shining city is the path that was laid out thirty-six years ago by our founder of modern conservatism, the Great Ronald Reagan.  The path to the shining city is to stay on course with the very status quo that defines our juxtaposition on the classic political continuum, our Constitution.  Not a perfect union, but the most perfect union in the history of the world.  We must change with the times, but we must keep the Constitution in our radar, our GPS as we journey not to the fringe (lead us not into temptation) but to political solutions both partisan and bipartisan that not only sound good on paper, at debates and town halls, and off the tongues of those seeking the presidency, but that actually work (deliver us from evil).  With a Constitution that fully respects God and refused to neither relent to ungodly principles nor let them infiltrate the document, make our great nation as idyllic and pure as any earthly domicile the Good Lord will allow.  This means we must recognize the rights of all mankind including and especially those different from us in appearance, beliefs, and intangibles.  We must become that idyllic small town where everybody knows everybody else and will lend a hand when needed.  We must be what we pledge allegiance to the flag and ensure we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all and that it must be applied to all who inhabit our land and all who desire to escape tyranny and oppression and live free with us.

The roots of such a nation reside first in education because if we do not graduate a generation of self-governing individuals, socialism will becomes a necessary evil for basic survival.  We are at the crossroads right now and we are into the final eight years where we can preserve freedom and American democracy for centuries if we make the right decisions now—not only on who we elect, but in selecting the policies that power the nation and in selecting the methodology to ensure nobody’s rights are violated while the scaffold smothers our quarters.  I ask of the generation about to accept the torch, don’t settle for second best.  Don’t settle for socialism or Trump oligarchy and fascism.  Remember, the continuum is circular and the two fringes meet at the back of the circle.  Both extremes stand for the same things for different reasons.  Ronald Reagan once said the United States of America is the last great hope for mankind.  We are the only true superpower left in the world and without power over foreign lands, we can only lead the world by example.  God Bless the United States of America; in all its glory of the past; and to so it can be that the best is yet to come.


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