And the Race goes On

Republican ElephantMathematically, I believe the best way to stop Trump is for Kasich to drop out, make Ted Cruz the only anti-Trump option, and allow him to win with 50% of the vote or more to acquire the most delegates.  Good news is Cruz got eight states so he will go to the convention in compliance with Rule 40(b) and be viable should the convention open making it impossible for Kasich or an outsider to be called unless several stale-mated ballots entice the RNC and the delegation to change the rules.  If the convention does not open, Kasich cannot be the nominee because he needs 110% off the remaining delegates (more than 100%) and if Trump upsets Cruz in Wisconsin, Cruz will need 102% going forward, allowing for only two possible scenarios; Trump or an open convention.

If I learned anything interesting through the Decision-2016 process is an appreciation for our political system and the multiple tiers of representation that make us a less than perfect democracy according to how democracy was defined by Aristotle, but how the added representation is a necessary evil.  For twenty-five years or so, I advocated for abolishing the delegate system, having a nationwide primary on the first Tuesday in March with all fifty states and the District of Columbia voting on the same day, and the candidates acquiring the most votes in each party being the respective nominees.  If you go back to 03.01.2016, there would be no way to stop the wrath of Trump and his neo-fascism.  Likewise, as archaic is the electoral college is, should a thug like Trump get elected by a narrow margin in the electoral vote, there is a chance the electors in the twenty-two states that do not bind electors can change their vote and although this contradicts the notion that American Democracy should meet Mr. Lincoln’s criterion of being a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, such punitive actions are worthy of clemency as stopping a man like Trump is indeed the greater good.

Dictatorships are made of iron and democracies are made of glass, as it were.  A democracy can vote in a dictator, but a dictatorship cannot vote in a democracy.  I would not be speaking in favor of any punitive actions to void the caucus and primary votes of the people if I did not see a candidate as an eminent threat to our great republic, but Donald Trump demonstrates this every time he opens his mouth.  Many argue our system is broken; I will gladly take a broken democracy over a well-oiled operational dictatorship any day.  And the preservation of its longevity is far more important than how perfect a democracy can be on planet Earth.


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