Rubio out, Supporting Ted Cruz, must Defeat Trump

Republican ElephantBarring an open convention, there is only one viable candidate left that can defeat Donald Trump, Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz.  While some new Cruz supporters claim they had to choose between being shot or being poisoned and chose poison, I believe the difference between Trump and Cruz is much greater.  Cruz does have to tone it down a little when it comes to cowboy diplomacy, but he has that flat tax, 10% personal income and 16% corporate tax and from my very first post in 2011, showed my support for the flat tax, and Cruz is a constitutionalist and under a Ted Cruz presidency, our Bill of Rights is safe.  Unlike Trump who wants to gut the First Amendment and the way protesters are handled at Trump rallies, Trump demonstrates over and over again he only believes in free speech on his terms.  Ted Cruz is not a neo-fascist; Donald Trump shows signs of it.

Many Republicans, and not just politicians and elected officials, but pundits and everyday citizens registered Republicans claim Trump should be the nominee if he does indeed get 1237 delegates and no last minute rule changes.  Many threaten to bolt from the party if the convention is opened by the RNC.  Well, if nobody gets 1237 delegates (half the delegation plus one) and not enough uncommitted and super delegates switch candidates on the first ballot, it is standard operating procedures to open the convention.  The voters will have spoken, but unable to come to a consensus.  Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans also have a rule that requires a candidate win the majority of delegates in at least eight states to be viable on the first ballot.  If nobody goes into the convention in Cleveland this summer with 1237 delegates and Cruz wins only seven states, making Trump the only candidate to win in more than eight states, even if Cruz gets his 1237, the convention will open.  This is the standard procedure but will lead to protests and possible riots among Trump supporters nonetheless and many voters will be disillusioned.  I am not vehemently disagreeing with them, but there is a clemency; a greater good to stop the neo-fascist Trump from being our beloved party nominee.

The best solution is for registered Republicans in the remaining states that will soon host primaries (Connecticut is on April 26), to come out in droves and vote for Ted Cruz.  The insurgence of today will be the establishment of tomorrow; with the failures of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, a switch was inevitably going to be thrown.  At least let it be in the direction of the preservation of the Constitution and not go down the Trump roadway which if not careful, can ultimately lead to a one-party system, leading to the end of democracy as we know it.  I also believe Ted Cruz can beat Hillary Clinton as the election will be a true referendum on whether the American people want a liberal or conservative future in policy-making and framing the nation for the next century.  Let us TRUSTED and hope for the best.


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