Next Stop, Cleveland?

Republican ElephantNot sure Donald Trump can be stopped at this point.  I cannot endorse him and in a Clinton v. Trump election in November, I will probably have to do a write-in. I don’t like throwing my vote away on a protest write-in, but I am completely at a loss.

Scenario 1: Ted Cruz (not to dismiss Rubio but it looks like the clock ran out on him) wins those upcoming winner take all states.  It has possibilities because if he wins over Trump by one vote he gets all those delegates in those states.  There are a handful of post Super Tuesday states that are not winner take all and he would have to win big in those venues.  Also, one of several reasons I chose Rubio over Cruz in my pre Super Tuesday endorsement was the issue over his Canadian birth.  He seems to be cleared by the courts to run for president, but it still serves as fodder for Trump, especially since the courts do not always get it right and some people may still believe he is not a natural-born citizen, cannot run, and what would happen if he got elected in November and before 01-20-2017, a court case was open?

Scenario 2: Reince Priebus motions the Republican delegation at the convention in Cleveland on July 18 to open the convention.  Priebus cannot open the convention just for the sake of opening it and void everybody’s primary and caucus votes; that would be a stab in the aorta of the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  There would have to be clear cut evidence that Donald Trump committed a high crime, misdemeanor, or serious infraction of both Republican Party and election rules protocol.  The David Duke thing is alarming to me, but barring Donald Trump putting on a white sheet (and mess up his comb-over) and burning a cross on somebody’s lawn, it is not illegal to be a bigot; there is no place for it in the twenty-first century, but expressing bigoted opinions is covered under free speech.  There is the Trump University scam, but what did he advertize for $36,000 in the first place?  The courts would have to find him guilty of fraud first.

Scenario 3: The Grand Old Party splits up and a new party for conservatives is formed, provoking the two-party system to be replaced by a three-party system.  With the ramifications of more than two-parties and pluralities replacing majorities like the way it is done in France is the hefty price we should pay on the issue of one candidate in one election.  Either the new conservative third party candidate will not be relevant; another John Anderson or Ross Perot getting zero electoral votes, or will rally conservatives around this alternative and force the election to the House of Representatives.  One reason we kept the Electoral College around all these years is to ensure a majority albeit an artificial majority.  The number 270 is based on half of 538 plus one, which is based on 100 senators per state, 435 congressmen based on the population of the state, and 3 for Washington, DC based on a minimum sized state would have two senators and one congressman.  If you have three major parties, the number to win the presidency is still 270, not a third of the electorate plus one.  A House of Representatives appointed president would serve to deepen the dissolution young people have about politics and the understanding that their vote counts.

With all three scenarios appearing set up to fail, I am at a loss.  I do not see a Constitutional way to dump Trump at this point in time.  I will not adjudicate  or elaborate on it at this time, but I am convinced if Donald Trump got elected President of the United States, most of his supporters will be saying careful what you wish for…



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