Schoenhaus Endorses Rubio

Republican ElephantAt the risk of this being too little, too late, I am more and more convinced that Donald Trump is the worst possible person to be nominated for the Republican Party and if the race in November is between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I will probably be forced to do a write-in because I see serious problems with either of those two individuals.

Marco Rubio is a fine young man and reasonably honest.  He is a compassionate conservative with respect for the Constitution.  I may disagree with him on some things but the only way to find a candidate who is with you on everything is to run yourself.  I do hope he reconsiders pre-existing conditions and for children to be able to stay on their parents’ coverage until age twenty-six with respect to his Health Savings Accounts alternative to Obamacare.

Donald Trump is now talking about gutting the First Amendment; re-writing free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press to tailor to his way—never touch the Bill of Rights!  Even people who are pro gun-control should (and many do) give serious consideration to the precedent setting—if one Bill of Right goes, who knows what is next.  His mannerisms parody Hitler and Mussolini and people made the ultimate sacrifice in World War II so nobody in the world would have to live that way—we don’t need someone like that leading America!

I cannot guarantee I will vote for Mr. Rubio in the Connecticut Primary on April 26 because I am not sure he will be in the race.  If Trump already iced it by then, I simply won’t show up but I will fill the circle on my op-scan ballot for Marco Rubio he is still in the race and Trump has not acquired the 1,236 delegates needed to go to the convention the decided nominee.

As for Marco emulating the street-toughness of The Donald of which he criticized Trump, hey—the rules change when YOU are attacked on the streets!  Trump did an act with a bottle of bottled water attempting to portray Marco as a nervous little boy with no clue.  This is something the bullies in fourth and fifth grade would do and the teacher would cancel recess and give you a composition to write.  Though a fist is a metaphor in this case, one man’s rights begin where another man’s fist ends and Marco is within his rights to defend himself against Trump’s bullying at this time.  I wish him the best of luck on Super Tuesday.


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