The Race Goes On

Republican ElephantIt is starting to shape up like Clinton v. Trump this November.  I light a candle for Marco Rubio; the endorsement from Palmetto State Governor Nikki Haley (R), a very popular woman governor of India –Indian descent did not propel him to victory and he ended up in a virtual tie for second with Texas Senator Ted Cruz, an evangelical who failed to get the majority of evangelical votes in South Carolina’s Bible belt.  It is not going to be easy to stop The Donald.  The opera’s not over until the fat lady sings and the late Yogi Berra would say “it ain’t over till it’s over.”  But it is late in the game, the other team has a five-run lead, and you are facing a pitcher that can strike out a hitter with a repertoire of pitches, not just his fast ball.

Donald Trump managed to take votes from every Republican faction and that is why he is going to be difficult to defeat going forward into Super Tuesday.  He has taken votes from evangelicals and other devout Christians concerned about Christian values.  He has taken votes from 1980s-influenced Reagan Democrats—working class people who do not have the perks in life of the wealthy but support Republican conservative ideals on hot topics like abortion and second amendment.  He has taken votes from the Republican establishment; an establishment that the great Ronald Reagan rebuilt to its lofty status after it was practically destroyed by the Watergate scandal.  He has taken votes from the old Dixi-crat faction of the Democrat Party, who shifted to the Republican party after the Dixi-crats disbanned.  The latter two factions, I would have thought would have opted for a more conservative candidate.  Jeb Bush may hung in for Super Tuesday if the grassroots and establishment were avoiding Trump even if they were not voting for Bush because if the establishment were divided among two or more candidates, he could have captured the establishment by being last man standing representing it.  Ted Cruz, the evangelical, could not win the evangelical vote.  Marco Rubio could not do better than tied for second place with the endorsement of the state’s governor.  With Trump driving a humvee wide enough to cover every lane on the Republican Delegation superhighway, it is going to be very difficult for anyone else.

There is one saving grace in that Trump won two primaries without about one-third of the vote; which can lead to the speculation that there exists a two-thirds anti-Trump majority and that when down to two candidates, Trump and either Cruz or Rubio, the anti-Trump majority may congregate around the remaining alternative.  Unfortunately, Trump pointed out that when others drop out, some will vote for him.  Also, delegate distribution is different in every state and once you get to Super Tuesday, it is the delegate-count that counts.  So far the candidates that dropped out had from 0-1 earned delegates which will probably remain uncommitted and it is all a matter of what the super-delegates will do.  But after Super Tuesday, candidates will delegates will begin dropping out and they may end up Trump delegates if they believe Trump is the Republicans’ best chance to claim 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  By the time you get to the winner take all states, even if the last anti-Trump candidate wins them all, it may be too late.

The Trump machine can still be stopped, but we are running out of time.  The Republican conservative establishment is up for election and it will go the way of high-button shoes and pay telephones if the party chooses Trump.  The American people, especially Republicans, are being fooled by the shiny bobbles.  For the anti-Trump coalition of Americans, this is the last gas station before the Interstate so fuel up and get those votes out for Cruz, Rubio, or whomever or the Ronald Reagan Republican party will only be seen in the museums of the mind with hula hoops, Nehru jackets and leisure suits, leg warmers, rotary dial telephones, and LPs and 45s.  Fuel up and stop Trump!


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