Why Youth and Women Support the Old Fart

Republican ElephantI grew up for the most part, in the 1970s catching a glimpse of the end of the 1960s.  I remember the women’s lib movement with the Helen Reddy song I am Woman and The Battle of the Sexes on the tennis court where Billy Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in three straight sets.  Cosmopolitan magazine, Gloria Steinem, ERA standing for something other than a pitcher’s earned run average—all iconic of the women’s movement of the time.  Almost a half-century later, opportunity knocks to elect the first woman president—someone I personally could never support, but as African Americans united in 2008 to make Barrack Obama the first African American president, you would think young women would disregard politics and vote for Hillary Clinton just for the sake of breaking another barrier.  Instead, they rally around the grouchy old socialist and his failed ideology.

Although I could never support socialism, liberalism on steroids, or better put, communism on tranquilizers, I admire Bernie Sanders for his honesty and making it happen with no superpac and with contributions averaging $27 a person.  I think the nation cries for someone relatively honest (at least as honest as one can be and still be a politician), and they realize passing on Hillary and waiting for a more honest woman, maybe even a Republican conservative woman is worth the wait.  That would not upset me; but if the American people have given up on the Constitution and candidates that vow to uphold it to give something else a try, and they were sold the socialist bill of goods, that will lead to the decline and fall of American Democracy.  The trend is toward limited government and this guy wants government bigger than ever.  Medicare for all?  Medicare for all me Medicare for none.  The Canada-ization of health care in this country where more people die on the waiting list than on the operating table is bad enough, but Medicare?  Medicare is practically bankrupt.  Forcing the entire nation into a system on the verge of bankruptcy will mean no America will be ensured except for the top 1% Bernie considers his enemies who can pay through the nose for private insurance or pay doctors in cash.  If young Americans have been bamboozled to believe this could actually work we have a serious problem—America is on the decline because the American people are no the decline.

We teach history from the point of view that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were slave owners; I’m not suggesting we deny it, after all, slavery was our one birth defect.  But both men built this great nation and made it possible to break away from the British Empire, win our independence, and create the greatest nation God ever allowed on this hunk of mud.  They teach Ben Franklin used to stand naked in his living room window; not to mention the great things he invented.  They teach Abraham Lincoln used marijuana to ease his stress.  In deference, it was not illegal when he did it and he is still the great emancipator.  When young minds are exposed to the darker side of our history, and not ready for free thinking and rational discourse, they can easily be manipulated to develop anti-American attitudes and be sold any alternative and the socialism salesman is on the prowl.

Our youth, is, well, too young.  They need to be exposed to flag-waving and the greatness of this nation.  That only in a free country can they dream and make it come true.  That freedom is the only commodity an American would ever be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Wait for them to mature and then they can be exposed to our flaws and pimples.  By then they will understand that God will always deny us perfection and not allow perfect people until Jesus or whatever prophet or messiah you believe returns to judge and conquer.

This is why the Republican Party is making a mistake to put so much stock in Donald Trump.  He is the biggest snake oil salesman of them all.  But Bernie Sanders, although not a gentleman, uses human decency in his quest; unlike The Donald who is insulting his way to the presidency.  And Sanders is overall cleaner than Trump.

I hope my message rings out to our youth who will someday be providing this nation with a president and that America is far from perfect, but it beats every alternative in the world.  Remember, where you stand on the liberal-conservative continuum is relative to the status quo and the status quo for the United States of America is the Constitution.  So understand it thoroughly before you decide.  Beware of false prophets.

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