Voting in the Granite State

LiveFreeOrDieThe state of New Hampshire.  Tucked away east of Vermont above the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state with the motto Live Free or Die on their license plates, the only state with no sales tax or income tax, and the only state without a seat belt law; this snow-covered winter wonderland is ready to pick winners and eliminate losers.

My thoughts and prayers are with Marco Rubio—don’t know why but I have a good feeling a Rubio presidency is good for the nation right now.  He did very well in most of the debates but broke down last Saturday (02-06-2016) when the target was on his back.  The one saving grace is humility is arrival and it is healthy for a young, up and coming leader take his humiliation.  The question is: Is it enough to stop the Trump machine?

Bernie Sanders will probably take the Democrat side in the Granite State but unlikely to go much further.  It would not be easy for a Jewish American to do well down south, in a place like South Carolina, if he were conservative—a socialist is out of the question.  Hillary is as corrupt a person as the Democrat party could muster, but she is all they have and I still think women, even conservative women, possibly Republicans who vote in open primaries like New Hampshire will ignore politics and vote for Hillary just to elect the first woman president.  For Bernie Sanders, New Hampshire is his fifteen minutes of fame, as it were.

Once again, let the games begin!


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