The Term Progressive and How it Fits into the American Political Lexicon

Republican ElephantGo Broncos!  Payton’s last stand; let him go out in style!

I give the Republican debate (02-06-2016) to Jeb Bush, but I don’t think it came in time to save his campaign.  Marco Rubio did not do well this time around with the target on his back but he can still pull it off in the Granite State.

Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan!

Now getting down to business, one of the things I learned from the Democrat Town Hall on 02-10-2015 is scuffle Clinton and Sanders are having about who is the progressive.  Sanders points out with respect to Clinton that you cannot be a progressive and a moderate at the same time.  Well, with respect to Decision 2016, neither one is a progressive.  Let me explain.

I am not prepared to say if a moderate can be a progressive, but I want to make it clear that progressive is not synonymous with liberal.  There are liberal progressives and conservative progressives.  Liberal and conservative exist on the horizontal axis, sometimes called the abscissa and it represents the independent variable.  Works well here, it is a personal decision to be liberal or conservative and I choose to be conservative.  Progressive and regressive exist on that z-axis, the one you cannot draw on a flat two-dimensional chalkboard; the one that goes in and out of the plane, forward and backward.  Progressive is labeled in the forward direction and regressive is in the rearview mirror behind that proverbial chalkboard.  This represents the dependent variable and it is directly proportional to the status quo.  With the existing status quo, if you call yourself a conservative but don’t refer to yourself as a progressive conservative, you are for all intents and purposes, and anomaly.  The United States of America is currently stuck in the mud or stuck in neutral on that z-axis due to its nearly $20 Trillion debt.  In order to move this nation forward, i.e. the progressive direction, it needs to make its way back to limited government, back to less entitlements, back to a strong military defense, back to fiscal responsibility, and back to the principles of our great Constitution in order to move forward and unleash the potential of the twenty-first century American Dream.

There was a time when the liberals were the progressive ones.  Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson were progressive liberals and with all due respect to Rush Limbaugh’s animosity to Woodrow Wilson, I would have supported both Teddy and Woodrow if I had lived in that era because the oppression inflicted on by H.C. Frick, John Bayer, and others who believed the distribution of wealth is for those selected by God, such reform was necessary.

Then there was the New Deal under Franklin Roosevelt that is now viewed as that good intention paving the road to Hell.  It weakened the ability for lower class Americans to overcome and become upper class, it made government way to big and created insurmountable debt, and though progressive in its day, shortened the length of the road to progressiveness for decades to follow.  Today, getting away from entitlements and back to a land of opportunity, limited government, the Tenth Amendment and states rights recognition is the progressive approach to rebuilding this great nation.

Since the political continuum is measured relative the status quo, Bernie Sanders is not a progressive at all—he is a regressive liberal.  He is selling and supporting ideology dating back to the Haight-Ashbury movement in the mid 1960s creating the social revolution in the days of Lyndon Johnson and the Viet Nam War protests.  eBreaking up big banks notwithstanding, he is for the most part a socialism supporting failed ideology.  His concept of Medicare for all is as regressive as it gets and will move this country in the backwards direction on the z-axis.  In Canada, more people die on the waiting list than on the operating table.  Add that to the mistreatment of veterans, children going to bed hungry in what should be the greatest country in the world, and a debt bomb that can explode any day, a Canada health care system will take us further away from the American Dream and restoring this greatest nation to its lofty status.

Fellow conservatives (not reactionaries), this is our time.  This is our finest hour.  We can make it happen if we act now!


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