Cruz-in for a Bruisin and Rubio on the Rise

Republican ElephantAlthough you cannot dismiss Trump as the nominee yet, the results in Iowa proved to be significant.  Ted Cruz got the job done and Marco Rubio made it a horse race.  The grassroots conservative movement that began with Barry Goldwater in 1964 and succeeded with Ronald Reagan in the 1980s is alive and well.  It may not see the Tea Party as the ultimate vehicle, but the mighty wheels are in motion once again.

People like Cruz and Rubio do well in the interpersonal environment of a caucus, but Trump may have an advantage in a primary such as New Hampshire coming up.  Cruz and Rubio took it to coffee shops and high school gymnasiums while Trump prefers auditorium and coliseum functions.  Unlike a caucus where you can talk to the candidates while you write a name on a piece of paper, a primary vote is with a formal ballot at traditional polling places where candidates must remain seventy-five feet from the entrance to the polls.

Though I am not prepared to make an endorsement, I need not dismiss Marco Rubio as a viable candidate at this time.  Rush Limbaugh believes he will overcome and be the nominee.  I would still consider that betting on the long shot, but Rubio is the candidate Hillary Clinton fears the most.  The Donald now has to face a Cruz-Rubio one-two punch and that means I hold out hope that maybe a majority of this nation did not buy Trump’s bill of goods.

All roads lead to New Hampshire!


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