At What Price–America

Republican ElephantReacting to people who claim they are no longer proud to be an American, I have suggested thinking about tyranny and oppression and thinking about what are you proud you are not.  I am in agreement that The United States of America is not what it was years ago, but it is still the greatest country in the world and needs to be repaired, not blown up and rebuilt.  In addition, before we [the people] implement solutions that may very well work, before we fix we must follow up by asking the question At what price?

On the Democrat side, the rise of Bernie Sanders has been quite a phenomenon.  He has talked about breaking up big banks; well, that may be a socialist algorithm, but if he were to do that successfully, the end result would not be that of true socialism.  American capitalism is based on the principle of competition and more smaller banks versus less bigger banks would mean more competition.  The Marxian Utopia is to have no competition and the utopian view of banking would be to have only one bank all over the world.  The Sanders algorithm would at the very least prevent one large bank (too big to fail) for the entire United States.  It depends on from which end you define socialism.  If you accept Sean Hannity’s definition liberalism on steroids than this would be a socialist movement.  As much respect as I have for Mr. Hannity, his definition is quite kind to the concept.  I prefer to define socialism from the backside where the metaphor changes to communism on tranquilizers.  Satan hath the power to assume a pleasing form and the kinder, gentler socialism attracts more people, especially youth and low information voters, to that left fringe.  But Bernie’s stand on banking in America is not what conservatives should be most concerned.

Bernie Sanders loves to take to the podium and talk about how American is the only major nation in the world without paid medical leave and universal health care as the law of the land.  He talks about a one-payer system and converting Medicare to America’s National Health, equivalent to what they have in Canada and Europe.  OK, Bernie, here is your $64 Trillion Dollar Question: Of all these countries you are referring to that have paid medical leave and universal health care as a right and not just a privilege, which one of these countries, if any, would you give up your American citizenship and go live there?  The answer to that question is more important than liberal vs. conservative politics.

If we throw our conservative hands in the air and waive our white flags and do it Bernie’s way, we may just solve a lot of problems.  We may eliminate greedy doctors, hospitals, and prescription drug companies and create better living for our poor, our sick, our elderly…  Converting Medicare into a geodesic dome all across the nation, coast to coast, sea to shining sea and result in better living for many Americans.  The follow up question for all Americans, liberal or conservative, Republican, Democrat, or independent, is a simple three word question: At What Price?  It resurrects the spirit of Ben Franklin when he made it clear those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.  The freest country in the world with unsolvable problems is better than a tyrannical nation less than a mile from Eden.  Especially in a nation where most Americans would make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the freest country in the world.

We are not the only nation in the world with a constitution, but we are the only nation in the world with a constitution that specifically defines the inalienable rights of its citizens and labels them unwavering and mandates no laws that impede in any of these rights be passed by any local, state, or the federal government.  Other constitutions are simply operating manuals on how their governments work.  We are the greatest country it the world, not because we are perfect, but because we are better than the rest of the world.  Long before America was a gleam in anyone’s eye, Adam and Eve biting into that apple was mankind’s rejection of the perfect world and forcing us into a world run by knowledge and tribulations.  Capitalism and the private sector built the economic infrastructure of this great nation from the ground up and we just need to repair it, not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  We also need to protect the rights of those who wish not to participate.  Off the record, you have to be plum loco to not want to be insured, but on the record, mandates through fines on income tax returns are not the answer.  Neither is socialized medicine.  We are, always have been, and always will be a nation of laws and passing sensible, reasonable laws will allow real solutions through the private sector to be implemented.  And it will allow the American dream to be reborn and those living in poverty will have the opportunity to overcome and make a good living, which is really what they want.

Let’s fight for America, not to transform it into a less free country!




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