Even El-Rushbo is Baffled

Republican ElephantI do not always get a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh’s program and I do not strive to be exactly like him.  But I do find him insightful and full of the wisdom that makes a conservative tick; and the media is lucky to have him.  He is not a Trump supporter either and the essence of today’s program (01-20-2016) is how people he would never expect to be Trump supporters are being steered in that direction.

Yesterday, Sarah Palin joined him on a speaking tour and rambled at the podium on how great a man Trump is and why we need him to be our next president.  Either she bought his bill of goods or she would like to be his running mate.  Now I learned Bob Dole is supporting Trump too.  I am not sure Bob Dole at his age is very influential, but he was an icon for Republican conservatism in the late 1990s and the last World War II veteran to run for president.  As I was driving home, Sean Hannity had Newt Gingrich as his guest and he too is seriously considering supporting Trump.  Mind you, this is a free country and I am not suggesting cutting off their fingers if they dare validate a ballot for the man.  It is just that Donald Trump is not mainstream Republican conservative establishment; he was once a Hillary supporter, but due to his popularity, Republican icons are coming out of the woodwork hitching to his star believing he is their best chance to take back 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Rush repeatedly states that Trump is an outsider, not conservative enough to be president, and claims the nomination of Donald Trump, regardless whether or not he wins in the general in November is the final nail in the coffin for the Republican establishment and is not a big boost to the Tea Party either.  My thought was the Republican establishment is throwing their hands up in the air and giving up—claiming their time is done and the party is getting a makeover from The Donald.  An even bigger mystery is Hillary Clinton hopes she does get to run against Donald and polls show she would defeat him (just short of a landslide).  Rush claims Republican voters demand a true conservative candidate like Ted Cruz.  But the polls go the other way.  I hope we hear more from independent swing voters.  One area I do disagree with Rush is he believes Republicans can win in November without unaffiliated swing voters.  Too many Republicans got disillusioned by the cast of characters the party fostered in the last three presidential elections and have left the party.  As a side note, George Will is contemplating bolting from the GOP.  With a slight insurgence by Bernie Sanders among young voters, I doubt he can overtake Hillary but he can give her a run for her money and make a statement to swing voters so Trump is not getting elected solely by voters voting across party lines.  On the other hand, if Republican conservative icons are romancing The Donald, there is even a higher probability middle of the road unaffiliated swingers will follow suit.

My personal advice to fellow Republicans is to DUMP TRUMP.  He does not represent our conservative values and way more an opportunist than a conservative.  Rush says the same thing.  I am asking the party to re-evaluate before it is too late.

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