Is Ted Cruz a Natural-Born Citizen?

Republican ElephantThe Constitution says nobody but a natural born citizen can be President of the United States, but the Constitution does not clearly define a natural born citizen.  A naturalized citizen like Arnold Schwarzenegger cannot run—he was born in Austria with both parents Austrian and immigrated to this country and became an American citizen.

Donald Trump claims you have to be born on American soil and that’s it period!  Suppose an American woman is serving in the U.S. Military and gives birth?  And even when women did not serve in combat, they always served in some capacity such as a nurse or some other non-combat role but it is an issue our Founding Fathers did not address.  Just like our Founding Fathers never wrote a marriage is between a man and a woman in the Constitution as it was not an eighteenth century hot topic and now has to be interpreted with respect to the twenty-first century.

Although I am disappointed in Mr. Cruz’s remarks on New York values, I am at this time dismissing Ted Cruz as a candidate of choice.  He is not number one at the top of my list of Republican hopefuls today (01-15-2016), but as I mentioned Connecticut’s primary is on April 26, almost two months after Super Tuesday and the way things are now, he is more likely to still be in the race on April 26 than the ones I placed ahead of him on my personal pecking order.  More important, if he is not going to be the nominee, let it be his own failure to make it work, not this issue.  Glen Beck has a list of former presidents who were not born on American soil but had a least one parent who was an American citizen; and since the Constitution is 228 years old, it best be decided by precedent.

I believe Ted Cruz will bounce back from this.  I would advise him to apologize to New York; New York State is second only to California in number of electoral votes and as much as the pundits love to say as Ohio goes, so goes the nation, it is very difficult (but not impossible) to win the presidency without at least one of the big trifecta; California, New York, and Texas.  As someone who grew up in the tri-state New York metropolitan area, rooting for New York sports team, and one who considers New York the greatest city in the world, and also a loyal Republican, I feel for New Yorkers.  I also think of Donald Trump as the one with the shiny bobbles that we need not let us tempt us and Cruz as the more abrasive, but has America’s best interests at heart.  I believe in a Chinese proverb, a barking dog can tell no lie.  Sometimes the one who is nicest to you is shaking your hand in friendship and picking your pocket with the other hand while the one growling at you in expletives in unpleasant tones is telling you something for your own good.  Back in your school days, sometimes the tough-grading teacher did you a favor and your learned more than one that gives out easy A’s.  I make no endorsements at this time.  I am just saying let’s not let this technicality be the thing that eliminates a candidate and when we make our choice, let’s make sure we factor in what is in the best interest of our nation.  This is not to say the issues are more important than the person, but definitely influential.


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