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Republican ElephantI offer this reply to the reader who told me my comments are biased against Trump and that I don’t represent the real values of the party. Donald Trump does not represent the real values of the party.  The Great Ronald Reagan would not hold his head high for Donald Trump as an heir-apparent, as it were.  The Republican Party is not the party of bigotry and hatred.  We are the party of Lincoln.  A Trump presidency will put this nation in total chaos.  We still have a month or so before the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary and we still have a lot of much better choices than Donald Trump.  As registered Republicans, we have the power to vote in our respective primaries and nominate the best man (or woman), who I don’t believe is named Donald Trump.

Alas, I am a Republican and although not on the far right, I am a conservative.  But I am an American first and I believe the party and the nation would be making a fatal mistake to put Donald Trump in our nation’s highest office.


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