Why Trump Must Go and Why the Republican Establishment Must Survive

Republican ElephantWhile I do not allow CBS’s Face the Nation to regulate what is said on The 7 Train, I do from time to time share something learned from the age-old public affairs television program and/or anything that can be derived.  The show on the morning of Sunday, December 13, 2015, included coverage of a focus group discussing the [relative] failures of Barrack Obama and why they are gravitated to Donald Trump.  At one point, the group was asked with a show of hands if they would break away from the party to vote for Trump if he were not the nominee and ran as an independent.  Seventy percent of the group raised their hands for the affirmative.  The interviewer responded with the remark “the Republican establishment just died today.”

While one focus group does not have to power to kill any establishment, as it were, it brings up a powerful point and puts the Two-Party System, for all intents and purposes, on trial.  The modern day Republican party is, for better or for worse, a two-faceted party.  The birth of the second faction (now known better as the Tea Party) began in the mid-1990s when the former Dixi-crat faction of the Democrat Party (a faction of southern Democrats established shortly after the Civil War that was generally more conservative than grass-roots Republicans ) disbanded and southern conservative power shifted to the Republican Party, ultimately arousing the mid-western states as well.  Although I could never support the old-time Jim Crowers and John Birchers, it did serve to create a distinct liberal party and a distinct conservative party.  But the Tea Party faction has never been tested for the infiltration of an outsider like Donald Trump.  Trump is neither grass-roots nor Tea Party, but his own third faction, a faction that caters to Washington outsiders; you would have to include Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina in that faction albeit they do not share most of the Trump vision.  If Donald Trump’s candidacy is leading registered Republicans away from the establishment, we have a serious problem.

The near death of the Republican establishment, and for that matter, the same scenario if the rival Democrat Party were to lose their establishment, is a harbinger towards a one-party system, consisting of the surviving major party and a nationwide citizens-action group supporting unaffiliated rabble rousers; placing the Republic in serious jeopardy.  The mission statements for the creation of the Two Party System and the abandonment of the quasi-multi party system at the birth of our nation include to ensure a majority, not simply a plurality, and to encourage both parties to utilize the Platonian Dialectic to establish the most truthful solutions in a world of very little absolute truth.  The Democrats are not right all the time and we Republicans are not right all the time.  The process of thesis plus antithesis forming a synthesis, hence, a new thesis with a corresponding antithesis; continuing the process until equilibrium is reached.  Checks and balances keep the branches of government in check, but cannot sustain when everyone is in cahoots with the same ideal; which means either everybody is right or everybody is wrong and if everybody is wrong, everybody believes they are right.  Gridlock is frustrating.  A congress dominated by one party; that is the opposite of the president’s party, but not a large enough majority to override a veto is frustrating and has led to government shutdowns in the near past.  But in order to have a free country with a representative democracy, this is the price we pay.  If the Two-Party System goes, so goes the Republic.

I wonder how many Trump supporters also support the reinstatement of Pete Rose in Major League Baseball.  Undeniably, Peter Rose is the all-time hit leader and base hits of the past cannot be taken back.  We cannot arbitrarily recognize Ty Cobb as the all-time hit leader and pretend the career of Peter Rose never happened.  When it comes to sports halls of fames, baseball suffers the ultimate anomaly, the all-time leader in base hits is not in The Hall.  But if you lived through the 1989 baseball season when the allegations on Rose’s gambling on baseball games, including with his own team, the Cincinnati Reds, baseball buffs from all walks of life had to accept the sacrifice and ban Mr. Rose before he destroyed the integrity of the game.  For the same reasons, we cannot allow Trump to spread his rhetoric and fear and rip down the Republican establishment brick by brick.

In a free speech society, we cannot silence Donald Trump, we can only hope he trips on his tongue, as it were.  We cannot ban him from the party, the RNC cannot expel his candidacy, and no one can stop him from running as a third party independent as all aforementioned actions are exist within constitutional boundaries.  It is up to registered Republicans across the nation to band together and select a different candidate in the primary or caucus of which [you] will participate.  There are thirteen others and Hillary can be defeated, not by the candidate himself (or herself), but by WE THE PEOPLE who can select a candidate of whom we can form a common bond and put forth our faith that this candidate can implement a limited government scenario that works and is compatible with twenty-first century America, balance the budget to give us more options economically, and keep us strong against our enemies abroad.  American Democracy is far from perfect, but it still beats the rest of the world’s alternatives.  To maintain such lofty status in the world and in the history of the world, Trump must lose, America must win.


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