Don’t Condemn a Whole Group of People for the Actions of a Few. Peace on Earth.

ChristmasTreeYet another reason why as loyal to the Republican Party as I would like to be, I simply cannot support Donald Trump and pray to God he is not ultimately the nominee.  Ban all Muslims?  That is a prelude to another holocaust; Hitler banned all Jews and murdered many of them.  We hear words like internment.  Trump’s edict is totally unacceptable.  Not all Muslims are bad.  All members of ISIS are bad, but ISIS makes up less than one percent off all Muslims in the world and all races, creeds, and religions have both good and bad people.  There is no place for bigotry and hatred; especially around Christmas time when the message to the world is Peace on Earth.

Every now and then I hear on the radio a Christmas rendition of Snoopy and the Red Baron where for this one day; the Baron does not shoot, forces Snoopy to land and calls out, Merry Christmas, my friend.  So here is what I propose.  The Republicans have a debate scheduled for this coming Tuesday (12/15/2015) and all Republican hopefuls have to do their thing to win the debate.  Once the debate adjourns, from 12/16/2015 through the day of the Epiphany (01/06/2016), let them all put down their difference, Hillary and Bernie as well, and just be at peace with each other, drink a holiday toast, share laughs and discuss family.  No, we cannot call a truce with ISIS at this time, but we can lead by example the quest for the true meaning for Christmas, Peace of Earth. 

Christmas is Christmas all over the world.
People are people all over the world.
We’re all God’s children, the big and the small…

Yes, we are ALL God’s children.  I am a Republican.  But I am one of God’s children first.  A family man second.  And an American third.  All other attributes, political party and ideology, favorite sports team, special skills and interests, all come below those three things.  Let’s put are differences aside for the holiday season and wage peace on Earth.  After the holidays, the Iowa Caucus will kick off the nomination process and the gloves will be off, as it were.  But for now, let us glorify God, even if you call him Allah or Yahweh, and spread his message for Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men (and women).  Merry Christmas or best wishes on whatever holiday you celebrate.  And God bless the United States of America.


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