The Domestic Economy α Our Strength in the World

American-Flag1In light of terrorist attacks in Paris, France and in San Bernardino, California, politics once again is forced to shift gears from the economy and balancing the budget to foreign policy and anti-terrorism measures.  We have to do what we have to do; but part of the problem is we are distracted too much.  We need to achieve a balanced budget in order to maintain a strong military defense.  Furthermore, military defense is the one service the federal government is constitutionally obligated to provide.  If we have kicked the can as far as it will go and cannot afford to meet the basic financial requirements of the Constitution, we are headed for national bankruptcy.  And if we sacrifice fundamental freedoms, we are a doomed nation.

We must not allow the horrific events going on the world, even when they hit home, to take us away from our goal to achieve financial responsibility and financial stability.  First of all, that is exactly what the terrorists want.  If they want to destroy America and the American way of life, their best chance is to allow us to become financially insolvent to face a subpar military both in equipment and in manpower.  This is one area where Ron Paul is wrong and Marco Rubio is one-hundred percent right.  We have to make it work without draconian cuts to the military, the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, and protecting our borders.

It may not have been the case in George Washington’s day, but today, economic and foreign policy are two cogs in the American machine whose teeth collide as they spin.  If one stops, the other stops.  In a book by Jim Witt, Road Signs for Success, Witt discusses the job prospect and how outsourcing has drastically and permanently eliminating jobs, even for those college educated who graduated at the top of their class.  Witt wrote the book in 1997, four years before 9-11 and states in the paragraph, Even the military is cutting back….  This was an area former President Clinton missed when he submitted a balanced budget at the end of his presidency but left the military deficient when it came to preventing the attack.  We need to build a strong defense through a strong economy which requires a balanced budget.  If you ever studied fundamental calculus mathematics, we are integrating by parts; this process usually requires more than one pass with the chalk or mechanical pencil before we derive an equation that can be solved using fundamental mathematics.

As we  approach the last debate of 2015 on December 15th and just over a month away from the Iowa Caucus kicking off the campaign [nomination] season (the campaign season is already underway), I know I will be disappointed even in the candidates who perform well with the questioning focused on foreign policy and antiterrorism.  I really want to hear more on balancing the federal budget, simplified tax codes, reduction in entitlements, and job creation.  Hence, a new corollary to the Schoenhaus Theorem: the strength of our defense is directly proportional to the strength of our [domestic] economy. 

I will discuss more in detail on a future post, but I want to close with the following.  During the holiday season, a popular catch-phrase that comes up in carols and in conversation is Peace on Earth.  If we are the superpower and the world leader and the world’s top spokespeople for peace on Earth, let’s first make peace among our rival political parties, our peers, and with the people of other nations who may have live by different ideologies and belief systems, are just as much God’s children as we are and let the ultimate authority judge them, not us.  My prayer is that our elected personnel in Washington, our state capitals, and in our town halls realize that although they may be political rivals, one’s personal politics is only one of many threads that make up the whole person and do not dismiss that person as a friend just because you disagree with one thread.  Peace on Earth and Goodwill to [Men].  (Men refers to mankind and does not exclude women).


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