Will the GOP Recruit Mitt?

Republican ElephantHmm.  Socrates, lick your chops.  This question needs to be answered with several questions.  Personally, with the deadline to file papers to run on one’s own volition long passed, I think the mindset of most Republicans is that old playground edict, tick tock, game’s locked.  The chance is still greater than zero with Republicans and Republican constituents playing another game called Trump or Not Trump.

Question 1: Mitt Romney could not beat an incumbent Barrack Obama; a failed leader, and four years earlier, the first African American president, but in 2012, did not have that leverage since he already crossed that barrier.  If he could not beat incumbent Obama, how can he beat Hilary Clinton who does have a barrier to cross, the first woman President of the United States?  I think Marco Rubio has a better chance making it a contest between the first woman and the first Hispanic American, or Carly Fiorina to level the playing field guaranteeing the gender barrier being crossed regardless which party wins the presidency.  The former still very much alive, the latter just keeping her neck above water.

Question 2: Has Mitt learned his lesson and is no longer going to patronize what he calls the forty-seven percent?  Not hearing from him lately, no statement can be made one way or another.  Whether the distribution of wealth is eighty-twenty, ninety-nine-one, or something in between, one thing that is a constant, there will always be more middle-class than wealthy and in a Poisson distribution, the middle-class decides the election.  This is why it is far more mentally challenging to be a Republican, especially a working-class Republican, why the Republican party has to generalize to a more all-purpose party rather than attracting only the upper class, and why our bill of goods that opportunities and the American Dream benefits the middle-class more than entitlements, is a much harder sell.  Barring a run by Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, if Mitt Romney were to somehow get elected president anytime in this decade or the decade of the 2020s, he would be the wealthiest president in history and he just cannot come up with a sales pitch the masses can buy into.

Question 3: Now class, take notes.  This is very important.  Can Mitt Romney define himself as The Anti-Trump?  With a plethora of conservative candidates not named Donald Trump, some riding that Tea Party line, the RNC has no reason to rock the boat and bring in a late-arrival unless (1) they feel Trump will be the perpetual frontrunner once the caucus and primary season gets underway, (2), they begin to see the light that Trump is a modern-day Fascist playing on the American people’s fear and ignorance, and (3), they see Mitt as the only candidate that can defeat Trump in the nomination process. Personally, if a Rubio, Cruz, or Fiorina can’t do it (I really have by doubts about gentle Ben as he just does not demonstrate strong leadership), I see Romney having even less likely to topple The Donald than the aforementioned three.  Stranger things have happened, but if I were a betting man…

Question 4: How does Mitt feel about it?  The best the RNC could do is offer it to him; he still has first right of refusal.  He declined an opportunity to run last fall and the type of man he is, I really do not believe he wants to be recruited.  For Reince Priebus to hang is star on someone who elected not to get in before the filing deadline who may be too full of disdainful pride to accept or may just be sick and tired of the process and not want it constitutes a vote of no confidence against his own party.  Mitt was not my first choice during the caucus and primary process in 2012 although I did vote for him in the general, but one thing I do give him credit for is his intelligence.  Charles de Gaulle once said après moi, le deluge, which literally means after me, the flood referring to the flood of [French]  presidential hopefuls who could never replace a man like de Gaulle.  Mitt Romney may be the best twenty-first century metaphor for Charles de Gaulle.  Witnessing the Trump mess, Trump’s front-runner status, and the inability for one of the others in the race to become enough of a superstar to send The Donald packing, Mitt is probably grateful he is on the outside looking in and not part of the mayhem.  Again, stranger things have happened.  So keep your dial set and stay tuned.

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