Is America en Route to a Return of Jim Crow?

American-Flag1God, I hope not.  The Civil Rights Acts of 1965 are in-tact and segregation will never more be the law of the land, even in the Deep South.  But with the white police brutality resulting in the death of black youngsters in Ferguson, MI and Staten Island, NY leads me to believe a new Jim Crow is rising from the ashes of a horrible Phoenix that exists in the minds of ignorant, hateful people.  I am not referring to terrorists in hostile, foreign lands, but hateful bigoted Americans.  It is harder to deal with them than the terrorists because they too have rights under the Constitution.  They have the right to free speech, even if they speak ignorance and evil, and until action is taken, resulting in the aforementioned tragedies, little can be done.  Even after the fact, grand juries are powerless without physical evidence.  I fear evolution is regressing.

Jim Crow was a term used to refer to the segregated South between the reconstruction after The Civil War and 1965 when the Civil Rights laws were passed.  While segregation is all but a relic of a lesser evolved society, Jim Crow is a state of mind.  And when dealing with the human psyche, facts are negotiable, feelings are not.  You can change the laws and make even the most hateful bigoted people comply.  You can stop displaying WHITE ONLY and COLORED ONLY signs at public rest rooms, eateries, and the like; but you can’t change the way people feel on the inside.  And when the ego and superego take over the psyche, a person will show his or her true colors and it will affect how they became from that day forward.

Just before Thanksgiving, I saw the movie Forty-Two.  A movie-title reference to the uniform number 42 worn by Jackie Roosevelt Robinson with the Brooklyn Dodgers (the National League Team that has called Los Angeles, California home since 1958) when he integrated Major League Baseball.  One scene that caught my attention was when the Dodgers were hosting the Phillies (the team that plays in the city of brotherly love no less) and Phillies manager Ben Chapman comes out of the dugout when Robinson is at bat and screams nipple, nipple, nipple! Whose job are you taking over, Pee Wee’s?  Nipple, nipple, nipple!  (I think you know full well the real N word he said).  Listening to the man in 2014, almost seventy years after the integration, Ben Chapman sounds to me like an immature imbecile.  But a grown man talking that way was not scorned upon by all Americans back then.  And when Life magazine wanted to do a photo shoot with Chapman and Robinson shaking hands even though no differences were resolved, they had to but their hands on a baseball bat and stand close enough to each other for the photographer to get the shot, but Chapman refused to touch Robinson’s hands.  Chapman had to save his job as a big league manager and Robinson was prohibited from fighting back in his first season in 1947.  Chapman never came out of the dugout to mock Robinson with racial slurs in any future Dodgers-Phillies contests, but Chapman was no less a bigot, just a quieter one.

Today, we see the Jim Crow-esque mentality in our police officers empowered to enforce the laws.  There are good and bad in all races and colors, and the victims may have stolen goods from convenience stores and needed to be punished by law.  But shooting to kill and choking a man to death are not the way to do this.  In both the case of Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, I find it hard to believe if the alleged thief were white as them they would have handled it the same way.  Jim Crow is a state of mind that will never disappear as long as Satan can teach us to hate.  We must choose God over Satan and we must elect Godly people to represent our government, or law-making, and our law-enforcing.  America must act soon or we will soon see a resurrection of a new type of Jim Crow that won’t be limited to the Deep South.  Feel free to be as Republican, Democrat, or independent, to be liberal or conservative in political philosophy, but whatever you do, please love thy neighbor.


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