Decision 2014—The Mid-Term Exam

Republican ElephantThis coming Tuesday (11-04-2014) is Election Day.  It is an even numbered year, but no presidential election.  Without presidential candidates, we have a tendency to lower the importance of the reduced magnitude election.  Truth be told, if you take a college course, either in a degree program or as a returning student, and you fail to pass the mid-term exam, chances are an A on the final will get you a C+ at the most in the course.

We have three branches of government in this country, and two out of three are operated by elected officials.  The executive branch at the federal level is on hold this time around, but there is a lot going on in the legislative branch.  Since the legislature is the law-making branch, it is guaranteed to have a major impact on policy-making for the next two years.  If you opt out of voting, you are failing a lot more than a college course, you are failing this great nation; and since we are a republic or representative democracy, you are failing yourself.

For my fellow Republican conservatives, the elephant is knocking.  What I mean by that is opportunity is knocking in the form of the red, white, and blue elephant that symbolizes the Grand Old Party.  I disagree with Rand Paul of Kentucky when he said the Republican brand name sucks.  The perceived value of the brand has taken a hit, but we are still the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan and we can turn Mr. Paul’s quasi-prophesy one-hundred-eighty degrees around if we look back to the roots of the great party.

The first thing to realize is liberals are people that can never be truly happy or satisfied.  The very definition of the word liberal prohibits it.  If there is one-hundred percent satisfaction, the liberal machine, as it were, is out of business.  Liberals require something to change.  Either they find a way to muddy the waters and sell a bill of goods that blissfulness is nothing but adversity in disguise, or if they accept us, by definition, they are no longer liberal.  There is a place for liberals and liberal thinking; in dictatorial nations where tyranny and oppression is the status quo and there is a desire to sow the seeds for freedom and democracy.  The liberalness of our Founding Fathers to break us away from King George III and establish a [free] country allowed for the formation of The Greatest Country in the World.  A truly concerned American citizen’s number one priority should be preserving freedom and democracy, not looking for ways to radically change it.  Conservatism (now the accepted conservativism) is the glue that holds freedom and American Democracy together.  Understand, it will never be perfect, but if we do the right thing, it will always be the best there is.

The passing of the twenty-third amendment after the presidency of Harry S. Truman prohibits Barrack Obama from running for a third term no matter what.  If he moves mountains in his last two years in the Oval Office, he still is required to pass the torch.  Therefore, whichever party gets in to either or both houses of congress, the Obama legacy will not be reshaped and the Oval Office will not be a dynamo for the affirmation of legislative activity.  If the same cast of characters or similar characters get elected, Democrats will be turning their attention to Hilary Clinton and Republicans will be turning their attention to anyone in the party who can defeat Hilary; and anything that is not considered to be a dire emergency will be tabled until a new president is sworn in on 01-20-2017.  When it comes to balancing the budget or at least quelling the growth of a $17 trillion deficit, we can’t wait until 2017.  My fear is that the Republican party is not taking seriously the opportunity in front of them.  I would predict either the Republicans take the Senate, thus controlling both houses of congress, or that the two houses will flip-flop in favor of a Republican Senate and a Democrat House.  Either way, the respective majorities will be razor-thin.  If the G.O.P. really wants to capitalize and make headway in the domestic and foreign issues lying ahead of us, they really need a stampede of elephants infiltrating Washington on 01-03-2105.  Get at least sixty Republican senators for a Republican-controlled filibuster-proof senate.  Have a substantial majority in the House so Republican congressmen don’t have to rely on the lack of leadership of John Boehner.  And since a Republican majority would make Mr. Obama’s veto stamp far more active than his fountain pen, have a two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress to override those vetoes.  The time has come, opportunity knocks in the form of the elephant’s paw, and it is in the hands of America’s registered voters.  Get out and vote and make it happen!

Home state predictions (Connecticut)

Dan Debicella (R ) has a good chance at to take the 4th Congressional District.  It includes mostly the wealthy Fairfield County but my home town of Oxford is the one Naugatuck Valley town in the 4th district.  I do not see Republicans taking any of the other four districts, especially since all but the 5th are running incumbent Democrats.  Chris Murphy (D) resigned his post in the 5th district to get elected to the Senate two years ago, but District 5 is historically blue.

Tom Foley (R ) will eke out a small victory in the gubernatorial race in Connecticut.  He is scrutinized for running the Bibb Corporation in Alabama into bankruptcy, giving workers a 10¢  raise at another company while making $40 million for himself, and not paying any income tax last year.  He should win anyway because we cannot afford Dannel Malloy;s (D-Incumbent) taxes.

Mr. Foley in the best case scenario will have a slim majority in one of the two houses in Connecticut’s general assembly.


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