What Ever Happened to Human Decency?

As the evidence mounts that Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 ended up at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, as tragic as this, Malaysian Airlines could have been a little more tactful in notifying the families.  They notified the family members with a short and not so sweet text message.  How would you feel about receiving a text message that a loved one of yours is dead?  At least in the days of red letters, people gave more thought for what they inked on paper.

With all the other possible fatalities due to texting and answering text messages in situations like driving a car, driving a train, and operating heavy machinery, the last thing we want is to have to expect text messages to keep informed of both global news and news of right back home.  American society must find a better way to communicate.

My condolences to any families of those lost on MH 370.   


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