Cold War II

Republican ElephantHas the crisis in Ukraine put us in Cold War II?  Is the Soviet Empire Putin’s phoenix rising from the ashes in the East?  If so, how is the United States, the world’s only other bonafide superpower going to handle it?  Will this have an adverse effect on the new American Dream?

I heard James A. Baker, Secretary of State under Bush-41, discuss Mr. Putin and the devastating impact even if Putin only succeeds in taking the eastern half of Ukraine.  With Ronald Reagan just out of office and George H.W. Bush taking over and appointing Mr. Baker to the post, we saw the denouement of Reagan’s legacy being completed under the new regime as the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.  There was more to come, but the fall of the wall marked the symbolic end to the Cold War [I].  What really wilted my aortic muscles was when Uncle Vlad decided to test launch a nuclear ICBM over Ukrainian air space last Tuesday, March 4.

I am neither promoting nor refuting what has been dubbed by the press as cowboy diplomacy, but I do want to throw out one caution flag: we did not hear a PEEP out of Putin when George W. Bush was president.  He did not rush to aid us in the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan in our quest of Osama Bin Laden, nor in war in Iraq, which made us very unpopular throughout the world.  But Putin understood the grave consequences if he messed around with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gates, Powell, and Rice.  The left-wing philosophy of Barrack Obama and the lack of fire in the belly of Sec’y John Kerry is the act of feeding the bear in the park.  If you feed the bear, the bear loses his fear of you and can attack.  An unfortunate side-effect of the lack of aggression of this Democrat regime is Putin (the bear) no longer fears the United States.

What effect could this have on the reconstruction of the American Dream?  Let us begin by going back to the George Washington administration.  Washington ran for president under no party affiliation but joined the Federalist Party while in his first term in office.  Of all the defunct political parties that contributed to the birth of the modern Republican Party in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin, the old Federalist Party, named for the ideals discussed in The Federalist Papers, is the party’s deepest roots.  As stated in the papers and spoken in the vernacular by President Washington, he preached isolationism and urged us never to form permanent world alliances.  Unfortunately, the depletion of natural resources and the need for NATO after World War II to contain Communism permanently changed America’s role in the world.  If we are in Cold War II we have to be very careful dealing with the hostile part of the world.  Therefore, we must be self-governing and self-sufficient.  Therefore, we must tap into resources in and on American soil.

At the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency when he met with then Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev was to trust, but verify.  Has Vladimir Putin betrayed the trust established by Ronald Reagan 25 years ago?  It would appear that way.  If we are really now in Cold War II, we must avoid a Hot War with the other superpower, still with significant nuclear capacity.  The twenty-first century equivalent of trust, but verify may sound like distrust, but verify.  It is important we never stop verifying whether we can trust them or not.  I pray the reconstruction of the American Dream does not have to be postponed over this.  We cannot be an isolationist nation anymore, but it is imperative we are self-sufficient enough that we could be.  Throughout the history of the world, the average life expectancy of a democracy is 200 years.  We have survived 238 years and it is important we continue with a fully-charged battery and not operating on borrowed time.  If we must live under Cold War II, let the state department and the military do their thing.  Whether we fight a hot war or not, and I pray we don’t have to, let’s lead the world by example in self-governing and self-sufficiency.  I believe if the American Dream is resurrected, and especially if we have a balanced budget, America will have a positive impact on the rest of the world without being active in every world controversy because the rest of the world can’t argue with success.



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