Inactivity and Washington DC

 This morning Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation spoke of how Washington has even given up on existing agenda. That members of Congress on both sides have even given up pushing through their own ideas and have declared the year over with 10 out of 12 months to go. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) also had something to say about the future of the Republican party.

 Before one can begin to analyze the future of the Republican party, one must first discuss the future of this nation. Although the war between the parties that pinnacled late 90s and the first decade of the new century was not always a fixture in Washington, the inaction Mr. Schieffer speaks about has been the case since our nation was formed in 1789. With the Federalist Papers devising the prototype, inaction is supposed to be the norm. Our Founding Fathers drew up the Constitution and created the three branches of government with three separate powers and intentionally rigged the process we now refer to as American Democracy intentionally to make change possible, yet difficult. It is easy to complain about our elected officials and the inability to get things done, but my fellow Americans, careful what you wish for. You are not going to like it if Washington DC becomes a dynamo either.

 John Locke claimed with the exception of divine power, all power inevitably corrupts. All Senators, Congressmen, and the President are innately corrupt, as is every man and woman with the power of the spoken work is so. Politicians are not the only ones who will ultimately fall short of complete glorification of God and we turn to our religious institutions to preserve our souls to inherit the perfect world when our time is up. Ask yourself, would you rather have 536 corrupt people active or dormant? They must only act in the interest of the greater good and must respect the wishes of their constituency except when they are sure beyond a shadow of a doubt the constituency is embarking on a fatal mistake. It is important, not only those in Washington, but all American citizens with even an inkling of a vested interest in the future of America and its impact on their futures, look not to the corrupt politician, the elected official inevitably a variable, but first to the constants, the Constitution and the fact that our elected officials are empowered to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution first and foremost.

 Consistent with the Federalist Papers, the Constitution clearly defines the role of government to be limited. The corroboration that limited government is a quantity greater than zero comes from the fact that the Constitution’s predecessor, the Articles of Confederation, were an abysmal failure. This is undoubtedly a feather in the caps of fellow conservatives; I and am not talking to grass-roots and Tea Party Republican elected to office or running for office, I am talking to you the common man (or woman). Furthermore, our Founding Fathers, although far from perfect, were God-fearing people and chose IN GOD WE TRUST for a reason. This means anyone empowered to make policy or make laws must be absolutely sure no legislation in any way violates any of God’s principles.

 While it is easy to point fingers at those currently in power, the expansion of government in the United States predates any of us born after World War II. John Boehner and Ted Cruz are not wrong to fight against constantly raising the debt ceiling as every time we do it, we are promoting the sin of usury throughout the world and that is a slap in the face of God. But because we are stuck with big government we can no longer afford but are obligated not to leave Americans already dependent on them in the dust, we have no other choice and can only beg for God’s forgiveness in the end.

 Governor Jindal claims the Republican party got stupid because the defined themselves as the party of NO. I have said on several past blogs that there has to be a party of NOT YET until we can get a $17 Trillion deficit under control. This is where I tip my hat to the Louisiana governor because the Tea Party ideals are the best we have right now for achieving that result and the what this faction of the Republican party needs is an intelligent leader, not a retreat in ideals and principles. It also has to realize that its work is time-sensitive and there will be a time to invest in green energy, the environment, and of course, education in order for American to progress in the future. We do not change overhaul our personalities and views when the time comes for more progressive politics, we simply yield to progressive people and keep them in check as the loyal opposition. No man is an island and no democracy can endure if its law making mechanism is allowed to grow into a dynamo.

 As for the future of the Republican party, beginning with the future of America, is it has to decided if we are to be a two-party system or a three-party system. With the divided Republican party, we are a two-party system in title will inevitably evolve into a three-party system in practice. Prior to 1994 or so, it was tag, their it with respect to the Democrats maintaining the liberal faction and the dixie-crat faction, more conservative than those of us who called ourselves Ronald Reagan Republican back in the day. With Dixie power shifting to the Republican party in the mid 1990s and the emergence of the Tea Party, it is now tag, we’re it! A critical step is to take the best of each side, merge our ideas, and brand ourselves as one Republican party—let the Democrats be our loyal opposition and we will do the same for them in their time—the time of the balance budget. To keep the machine in motion at a productive, yet safe speed, there will be no urgency to create a dynamo which could lead to our demise as a nation.

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