Compromising VS Uncompromising

So I’ve been told, there are two kinds of people. Some say men are from Mars, women are from Venus—as far as I know neither planet has been known to support human life. There are the smart and the dumb—albeit I am not judging. Very important, there are honest and dishonest—we are more than within our rights to dismiss the dishonest once they show their true colors. Liberal vs. conservative; but there are also various shades of gray in between. But completely disjoint from gender, intelligent, and political views, there are compromising and uncompromising people. Both have a purpose.

I cannot judge myself but I believe I am compromising. My blog would sound a lot more like Limbaugh, Hannity, and the like if I weren’t. I realize there are some limitations on myself by being a compromising person, but I am what I am, according to Popeye The Sailor. But there is a need for uncompromising people in leadership roles as well.

An example of where this can come into play has to do with Obama’s proposal to increase fuel economy standards on new automobiles built after the year 2018—when he will be out of office. Obama and his fellow liberals are wise enough to know they will not get Republican votes in Congress on a bill that epitomizes the ultimate liberal prophesy and require all automobiles built in the United States and imported into the United States must get a minimum of 20 miles per gallon. So instead, the compromise is to phase in a manufacturing quota—for every four SUVs, luxury sedans, and muscle cars we build, we must build ten clown cars with lawn mower engines that at least 20 MPG. Sounds like a fair compromise, but there is one problem; the compromise, not the ultimate liberal legislation, will put automotive manufacturers out of business.

With the exception of the most altruistic motorists, maybe tree-huggers, maybe those concerned with Planet Earth running out of fossil fuel, people I respect, politics not withstanding, a large majority of Americans will favor the less economical vehicle choices. A majority of new car buyers will be gravitated to the more desirable less economical and the clown cars will sit on the dealers’ lots and rot. On the other hand, if the liberals win hands down and nothing can pass though that gets less than 20 MPG, GM, Ford, Crysler, and foreign automakers with stateside plants will do very well, because 20+MPGs will be the only choice other than used cars and walking to the train station or bus stop.

My step-grandfather worked in the advertising field most of his adult life and one of his first jobs was when the Holland Tunnel first opened for business. An advertising campaign was needed to get truck traffic to start using the tunnel. The truck drivers of that era (early 1920s) did not want to use the tunnel because waiting for the ferry was the perfect excuse to take a break. While the advertising campaign was unsuccessful, the ultimate elimination of ferry service forced trucks to cross the tunnel. The problem with the ultimate liberal prophesy is that it costs us freedom of choice and the one thing we should never compromise on, if the American Dream is ever going to be restored, is freedom—people have made the ultimate sacrifice to create and preserve a free country. For this reason, we need both compromising and uncompromising people in government—they both have their purpose

A combination of more desirable vehicles getting better mileage and the development of alternative and greener fuels is the way to go. While hybrid vehicles larger than the ever popular Toyota Prius or the plug-in Chevy Volt do not get that much better fuel economy than their all gas counterparts due to size and payloads, there are other alternatives such as hydrogen fuel cells and the development of cleaner greener and renewable sources for power plants making more disposable fuel readily available for vehicular transport makes much more sense than setting quotas for auto manufactures operating in our free enterprise system. For now, as a compromising person, I tip my hat to the uncompromising who are willing to hold their ground for America. Our time to compromise will come again soon enough.

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