Leadership in the Twenty-First Century

Former South Carolina Senator and chief spokesperson for the Tea Party Jim DeMint was discussing the future of the two-faceted Republican Party with Bob Schieffer this morning. An interesting topic of discussion as we countdown to the 2016 election with Hillary Clinton (D) as the only probable candidate in either party at this time. But more important, what is the future of America with respect not only to divided government, but with insurmountable debt and trouble with Syria and a potential nuclear Iran.

While grass roots politicians on both sides of the aisle now praise speaker John Boehner ‘(R) for clearing the way to raise the debt ceiling so America can pay its bills, the real issue of our national debt reaching the point of no return is not addressed at all. Truth be told from now until the end of time, or as long as America exists as a free nation, raising the debt limit will always be a necessary evil and a Hobson’s choice. Even if a surplus is created someday, there is still the possibility of bills to pay greater than the size of the surplus. It was this way since the George Washington administration. Thomas Jefferson said it is simply [part of] the price we pay for freedom. This being the case, if there is any hope left of curing our $17 Trillion deficit, the act of raising the debt ceiling when the time comes must be, as mathematicians say, mutually excluded from any algorithm or calculating lemma toward achieving a balanced budget. Like saving for retirement, one cannot factor his or her monthly bills—unnecessary spending is the only controllable parameter.

Mr. DeMint chose to appear on Face The Nation because he was stranded in Washington due to the weather and could not get a flight back to South Carolina. Like myself, he is a proponent for limited government, which will drastically reduce the Federal Government’s obligation to spend money. In a decade where limited government has been perceived as a novel idea among a slight majority of Americans of all age groups, all political ideology, and all income classes, government spending continues to increase and The Affordable Health Care Act, an twenty-first century extension of FDR’s New Deal funded on IOUs from China, became the law of the land. There is a good reason for this; the operative word in limited government is limited, i.e., less than what it is now, but still greater than zero. One entity a limited government society does need and severely lacks in America—leadership. In so far as I respect and share Mr. DeMint’s ideology and vision of limited government, after listening to him speak, he is not a credible leader. Neither is John Boehner or Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Rick Sanotorum was one of the last people who could lead this nation under its current day duress, but it is unlikely he will run again in 2016. What we need is a George Washington or Thomas Jefferson devoid of slavery. There are many a good people in America who share our vision, but they just can’t lead.


As that point of no return on the Deficit Clock gets closer and closer, it is very important we elect the right person in 2016—even if it can’t be one of my favorite Republicans. I doubt that person’s name is Hillary Clinton and I think I could find some Democrats who agree with me. The remainder of Obama’s tenure and the next president and next two to three congresses will be a major determinant in what direction America will go and if the American Dream can be resurrected to its lofty status. It is time to drink from the fountains inherited from our Founding Fathers and for all good men to come to the aid of their parties and to the aid of the greatest nation God allowed to occupy Earth.


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