Going Forward

Going forward. Where is the Republican Party going to go? Myself included, [we] must define a direction and stay on course. Otherwise, as NYT Magazine intimated, Welcome to Planet Hillary.

 Hillary Clinton has few friends in America, and yet if there are no intervening forces by the GOP between now and November 2016, she will be sitting in the oval office in January 2017. Not only a tragedy, but a victory for Satan. How quickly we all forget the china and dishware she stole from the White House of Bill’s departure on 01-20-2001. She is not even nice, and now she is trying to personify herself as America’s Choice and thanks to the traditional liberal media, she is succeeding. How can someone so revered be the people’s choice? Because our side has failed to provide a viable alternative.

 What happens when a Major League Baseball team either trades away its credible superstars or allows them to walk away when eligible for free agency? Usually no pennant in its future. We can’t make it happen with the likes of McCain, Romney, and Christie, especially the latter now that he has shown his true colors. It needs a superstar like Santorum or Rubio; even both of them on the same ticket. There are even some good women who affiliate with us because they know what’s right that can be viable candidates should they opt to run. The first woman president does not have to be a liberal Democrat, it can be one of our own. The RNC must gets its act together and the registered Republicans in all fifty states and the District of Columbia must band together on getting the best man or woman for the job on the ballot in 2016.

Is the far right side of the Tea Party Republicans the best direction? Consider the fact that Ty Cobb was one of the most revered and disliked men not only in baseball, but in the history of this country. But he did hit .367 lifetime, number one all-time. And he could run in the outfield, run the bases, and one of the top choices when picking teams in the All Time All Star edition of Strat-O-Matic baseball, for those of you old enough to remember board games before technology got the best of them. The Assyrians were among most evil people ever to inhabit Mesopotamia (where life began north of Baghdad) and yet God made use of them to defeat the Canaanites and defend the Israelites. A Tea Bagger may be just what the doctor ordered to limit government, get spending under control, balance the budget, and allow America to move on so that The American Dream can be restored.

 What we don’t want is for Tea Party philosophy to dominate American politics for the next 100 years. Winston Churchill once said If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are still a liberal at 40, you have no brain. I was not a liberal when I was 20, I backed The Great Ronald Reagan all the way. At 52, I am a compassionate conservative and one flaw I see with many Tea Baggers is they lack compassion. This is why I supported Rick Santorum’s run in the 2012 primaries because he is a Godly man and a man of great compassion. I did not get to vote for him in Connecticut’s primary because he had a family matter and dropped out of the race. Our Founding Fathers professed to their dying days the importance of a central government undertaking and maintaining a limited presence in the everyday lives of its citizens; that is why the wrote a very rigid constitution dedicated mainly to enunciating the rights of its citizens and provide a limited text on how to govern a free country. The problem is our Founding Fathers had one tragic flaw—they were slave owners. The one birth defect in our great nation is we began as a free nation with slaves. But if it weren’t for what they did create, we would not be able to pass the thirteenth amendment four score and nine years later. As I have said from the beginning, we must drink from the fountains of wisdom they passed on to us, but not become carbon copies of them.

 The Tea Party is a source of wisdom for the soon to be reinvented GOP, but not the pseudonym for where it must go in the future. It has been accused of being the party of no. What we need in power right now is the party of not yet. We must first balance or budget and then help the American people who are unable to help themselves with real money, not IOUs from foreign lands. We must enable more Americans to help themselves with access to better education and opportunities to use their skills in their own small businesses and live The American Dream. We can have one Tea Bagger now, but we must build a future on the traditional GOP philosophies of Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Let’s build the Grand NEW Party!


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