Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters

From the Teapot Dome Scandal, to Watergate to Monica Lewinsky, America has seen plenty of faux pas in its time. Granted, so has the world, but the price we pay for free press is ours cannot be swept under the rug. The latest snafu in American politics seems to be the George Washington Bridgegate concerning New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, considered the GOP frontrunner in 2016 up until now.

First of all, not to downplay Governor Christie as a viable candidate for president, I believe the Republican party can do better. Like his predecessor Mitt Romney, his lack of commitment to the Republican conservative causes had a lot to do with his demise leading to the re-election of Barrack Obama in spite of his decline in popularity; albeit his forty-seven percent remark was ultimately the straw that broke the camel’s back. One Republican I never fully exonerated was Richard Nixon; he did not tell the truth when he claimed he had no knowledge of what was going on at that hotel on Virginia Avenue and if the Republican party was to go forward in the future and promote our conservative agenda, it must railroad out problem people. It is fine and even fun to debate political issues 364 days out of the year, but on one Tuesday in November, we are all America’s head coaches for a day and the objective is to pick the best team. Sometimes the [players] we agree with on issues the most are not the best people or team players.

After saying that, although being a free American is one of the most important things for an American, we are God’s children first and it is important we are not too quick to judge. Even Washington and Lincoln were not perfect people and their faux pas were not exposed the way those of modern era politicians are with mass media technology today. Should we dismiss a candidate over just one mistake? It depends, of course, on the severity of the mistake. There was one death on the George Washington Bridge that fateful day. No one committed wonton murder, the motorist was in duress and the traffic jam delayed response time too long for EMT to get to this person. But the point is it could have been prevented if the powers that be did not artificially inseminate a traffic jam. Our criminal justice system implements something called the felony murder law which does hold criminals accountable for deaths at the crime scene even if the nature of the crime was not to murder anyone. This is not considered a felony offense, at least not yet, but the principle is the same. The evidence is surfacing that Christie was cognitive to the actions that led to this and he may have backed himself into a corner of which he cannot free himself.

For baseball historians, the Eight Men Out of the 1919 Black Sox scandal, Pete Rose, and most recently Alex Rodriguez pay the price for not playing the game of baseball with integrity. When it comes to those who wear the Federal Government uniform, it is more important that they play the game with integrity than what the actually stand for and it is important as voters we all base our decisions accordingly.


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