Thanksgiving Day 2013 Thoughts

As per family tradition, each year when my family and I sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, I devise a short passage on giving thanks for what we are thankful for and read it aloud before the first bite of turkey.  I would like to share with you yesterday’s (11-28-2013).:


TurkeyOnce again it is time to give thanks and as always, we have a lot to be thankful. As always the poor and the needy are in our thoughts and prayers.

Earlier this month, I attended a relative’s 100th birthday party. I don’t know the secret to living to be 100 years and I doubt there are any mathematical formulas that can get any of us there, but Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle sums it up best:

The fraction of life can be increased in value not so much

by increasing your numerator as by lessening your

denominator. Nay, unless my Algebra deceives me, unity

itself divided by zero will give infinity.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013.


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