Anecdotal–The Power of the Internet

A few weeks age, an uncle I never met who was living in California came up in conversation. My family back east and I had been out of communication with him and his family for some time and I was curious if he was still alive. I GOOGLED his name and an obit appeared that he had passed away last July. I informed my mother, sister, and an uncle who lives one town away who happens to be his younger brother.

We got the name and number of my uncle’s brother-in-law and gave him a call to get some information. Next thing you know my Aunt and cousin (their daughter), two people I also never met, began communicating with this family by phone and by email. They have been very curious about seeing pictures and my cousin is very interested in bios on family members back east, both living and deceased.

God rest my uncle’s soul, but it amazes me to no end how one GOOGLE search has brought that part of the family back into our lives albeit technology from a distance, for now.


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