A House Divided Cannot Stand

Republican ElephantThese words were uttered by The Great Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, eleven score and seventeen years ago. The House Mr. Lincoln was referring to was of course, the nation itself, divided by slavery and north-south politics.

Today, that same catch phrase applies to The Grand Old Party, better known as the Republican party, an integral part of my identity and the nation’s largest advocate for the conservative way, which I consider to also be the American Way. The modern day (post-Reagan) Republican is a two-faceted party, a phenomenon that hampered the rival Democrats in this country since the anti-segregation movement of 1968 where liberal Democrats up north led by the Kennedy clan and the old-time Dixie-crat faction made famous by then Alabama Governor George Wallace who spoke on behalf of “segregation forever.” Long before the industrial revolution of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century which began the parties to divide among income classes, the Republican party was generally the part of the north and the Democrat party was the party of the south. Many of you liberal and Democrat readers find it hard to believe the Democrat party is rooted in slavery, segregation, and old-time southern values and the Republican party, the party of Lincoln, took the first aggressive stand in abolishing slavery throughout the land.

Circa 1991, the Dixie-crat faction began to disband and power in the south shifted to the Republican party. With slavery, segregation, and bigotry virtually just a distant memory in Dixie, this was intended to build a strong alliance for the advancement of the conservative movement in this country. The death of the Dixie-crats came to fruition during the mid-term election of 1994 when the Republicans took both houses of Congress during the Clinton Democrat administration and Newt Gingrich became the first Republican speaker of the house in forty years.

This should have been the ultimate power play for Republicans and conservatives, but ultimately, they took the wrong path. Since the two-party system is integral in maintaining balance of power, limited government, and the passive nature of how our Founding Fathers intended the three branches of government to operate, division within one of the two parties is a disaster. In Washington today, you have a virtual three-system; the Democrats, the Grass Roots Republicans, and the Tea Party Republicans. Senate Minority Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is now public enemy number one among the Tea Party. A movement led by rookie Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex) who believe he was wrong to orchestrate a compromise to re-open the government and raise the debt ceiling or now, want to work to have him removed from the Senate albeit he did nothing wrong.

Truth be told, although raising the debt ceiling will ultimately lead to America’s demise, constitutionally it is the nation’s penultimate Hobson’s Choice. If we are unable to achieve a balanced budget, we must just keep kicking the can down the road, raise the limit, and print more money until the end of time. And the government shut down costs us a lot more money than it saved—why does Senator Cruz want to repeat an action that was an abysmal failure the first time?

Remember that continuum I discussed in a previous communication. From left to right you have Radical, then Liberal, then the center, then Conservative, then Reactionary. The grass roots Republicans represent the conservative faction and the Tea Party, though not ready to admit it, are headed for that reactionary fringe. If they oppose Mitch McConnell, they can only go so much further right without falling off the edge.

I still believe the only practical route to a balanced budget is the conservative agenda. Responsible spending cuts, limited government, flat taxes, supplementing the Federal Reserve with a partial gold standard, and a commitment to educating a generation to live, function, and prosper without the entitlements that are bankrupting this nation. We must balance the budget witout any Europe-a-zation of America. If the American Dream is to survive, we must maintain a representative form of government in a capitalist society. I agree with [you] on corporate greed, but that is the price we all have to pay to have a free country on Earth. You have to die and go to Heaven before you can live in perfect world.

We need to ensure that the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not parish from the Earth.


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