National Procrastination Week

Republican ElephantLet’s postpone National Procrastination Week until next week, HA HA HA 🙂 :)!! We have five (5) days to go before Thursday, October 17, when the deadline for the debt ceiling will hit and the possibility for default becomes reality. In spite of the war between the parties, one thing they all agree on is that default would be catastrophic, to say the least. But so far all the so called deals that blew through one side or the other only discuss postponing the decision on the debt ceiling. This would be the worst thing we could do.

Remember my clock analogy. The idea of taking a broken clock, moving the big hand to the twelve and the little hand to the five, and then hanging a sign under the clock face reading IT’S 5:00 SOMEWHERE? The clock is still broken and the solution is dubbed perfunctory. A bullet point in several of my blogs was that is is perfunctory politics, not partisan politics that lead to the demise of this great nation. In essence, I postponed fixing the clock and sold the public the bill of goods that it is 5:00 somewhere. Can we really postpone paying our bills for six months and expect the creditor and possibly a collection agency to leave us alone? That is exactly what the Federal Government is trying to do.

I am not prepared to defend John Boehner as Speaker of the House of Representatives and grade him on the quality of his work. Many pundits claim he may not survive as speaker. But one thing we must understand is the inaccuracy of the statement that he shut down the government to defund Obamacare. Though harsher, it would be more accurate to say he is attempting to derail Obamacare, i.e., The Affordable Health Care Act. Truth be told, the Federal Government was $16 Trillion (going on 17) in debt before Obamacare was in the embryonic state; moreover before Obmaa took office. The biggest flaw in Obamacare is not it’s impact on liberal or conservative politics, but the fact that it is funded solely on IOUs. Nobody can defund soemthing that has never been funded in the first place. My biggest criticism about President Obama his Affordable Health Care Act is that he is not only not making spending cuts, he is adding to the problem. Throwing gasoline on a huge conflagration. Opening the spigot wider and increasing the force of the water entering the tub while trying to drain it. Speeding up that bullet train taking us to the point of financial no return.

Whether you want to say yes or no to the concept of managed health care or even debate whether or not it can coexist in the free country bequeathed unto us by God and codified by our Founding Fathers and also with the free-enterprise economic system we feel is the only system compatible with true freedom is a matter of opinion and personal politics. But anyone who feels compelled to say yes should at least understand they must say not yet. Let’s balance the budget and then reopen the debate. I don’t give a guarantee, but I think more Republicans and Democrats will reach across aisles and develop compromises once we can fund with real money whatever we [the people] decide.

Let’s make key decisions on spending cuts. No spending cuts will please all of the people all the time, but we have to do something. Let’s look at the least obtrusive, let’s privatize what can be privatized, let’s come up with a minimum government equation and implement it, and let’s balance the budget once and for all. If we don’t everything the liberals don’t want cut will be gone anyway and possibly even the most essential of services, such as military defense. Let’s not make the taxpayer pay for it and let’s not restrict corporate America from creating jobs. Let’s fortify our currency with gold certificates to complement the Federal Reserve, and let’s look into proper redistricting in the House of Representatives and in the event that 435 is no longer necessary, let’s concatenate districts and have save money with a smaller-streamlined House. The time is now, not later.


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