Elihu is Spinning in his Grave

YaleI was asked by a coworker today who is the biggest scam-artist and given a choice of three people in the news recently.  I would like to expand on this and nominate a fourth person as being the most evil—not too far removed from Adolph Hitler or Osama Bin Laden.  Let me explain.

First, there is former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer who misappropriated funds for state transportation and also used the governor’s limousine to transport prostitutes.  Then there is the former Congressman Anthony Wiener who seems to occupy his time as a self-proclaimed photographer taking digital pictures of his body in his birthday suit “sexting” to women to his heart’s content.  Choice three of course, is Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, or rather A-Roid, who decided to appeal a 211 game suspension for PED (performance enhancing drugs) use, distribution of said PEDs, and obstruction of justice.  Mr. Rodriguez is appealing his suspension.  At a press conference in Chicago where he returned to the game after rehabbing from injury, he completely dodged any questions about usage of PEDs after his time in Texas where he admitted it and told the New York media, “this is not the time to answer that…”  He has nothing to lose by denying it.  A-Roid is in the Yankees lineup playing third, batting fourth, and taking the fifth.

But if the rules allow me to redefine scam-artist as biggest evil doer, I have to write in the name Peter Salovey.  Who is Peter Salovey?  He is the current president of Yale University.  With its glorious Ivy League campus in New Haven, Connecticut, America’s third oldest college has been under scrutiny for women students being raped, or as Mr. Salovey puts it, men have been exercising “non-consensual sex” on the women.  Mr. Salovey’s answer is to rewrite school policy to permit some forms of non-consensual sex on campus to make enforcement easier.  Mr. Salovey claims non-consensual sex is not necessarily rape.  This has me outraged!  Non-consensual sex is the fundamental definition of the word RAPE.  Who is he kidding?  Not all acts of non-consensual sex, as it were, are violent with men who hurt and possibly kill the woman, but it is still rape!  Somebody better put a sign at the entrance to the Yale campus reading CLOSED—SATAN HAS TAKEN RESIDENCE!   Elihu Yale, a British merchant and philanthropist who lived from 1646-1721, was the founder of what was then known as Yale College in New Haven.  This jewel in the Ivy League crown was supposed to be a nationwide model of high-quality higher education and it has become the most controversial institute of higher learning in the United States, if not the world.

I remember in the mid-1970s when a popular weatherman named Herbert “Tex” Antoine on Channel 7 (WABC-TV in New York) known for his drawings while giving the weather was broadcasting on an episode when the Eyewitness News teams covered the story of the worst rape in Central Park in decades.  Antoine, known for occasional excessive alcohol use, chose to quote Confucius’ “lay back and enjoy it” line.  Confucius lived during a time when women were considered chattel, but there is no place for that in modern society and Tex was promptly fired.

The three aforementioned are sick men, no doubt.  But not sicker than Peter Salovey who should be fired and incarcerated immediately so that the dream of Elihu and the institution he founded can be restored to its lofty status for future generations of American scholars.



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