Hilary, Don’t Run

Republican ElephantThere has been a lot of speculation as to whether Hilary Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, former U.S. senator and secretary of state would run for president on the Democrat ticket in 2016.  I sincerely hope not.

It seems as those of us who have had the good fortune to have lived in two centuries, the end of the twentieth and the start of the twenty-first, have to acknowledge the short memories of some of our dual-century colleagues and peers.  Nobody liked Hilary during Bill’s first campaign in 1992 and while she was first lady.  She was very arrogant and thought of by her peers as a B!@#% on wheels.  When the Clinton’s checked out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue January 20, 2001 at 11:59 AM, they took things from that executive homestead that didn’t belong to them; most of the items like jewelry and dishware, which mostly benefited Hilary.

After the Clinton years, the Arkansans decided Arkansas was not good enough and took residence in New York State where Hilary got elected senator representing a state she had not lived in for more than a year.  She was at best a ho-hum senator and ran a nasty campaign against current president Barrack Obama in 2008; one of her own who shared many of the liberal ideals that plague us today.  As a peace offering and to ensure her support, Obama agreed to make her secretary of state and kept his promise.  Hilary only served the first term and made him find someone else in 2012; not exactly a loyal colleague.  The horrific ordeal in Benghazi was her legacy as secretary of state.  And now she wants to be president?  I have no problem with a woman as president, but this is the wrong woman.  Since there is no presidential election before 2016, if elected, she would enter the White House at sixty-nine years of age, one year older than Ronald Reagan who entered the Oval Office at age sixty-eight on January 20, 1981.  While Ronald Reagan was exceptional, one of the greatest presidents in the history of the United States, it is reasonable to speculate that Alzheimer’s disease that got the best of him in the final years of his life began to set in during the later years of his presidency.  Though he survived Iran Contra virtually unscaved, his inability to answer questions claiming he just didn’t know was a tell tale sign this illness was in its infancy.  Worse than that, Reagan lived into his nineties and may have been a centurion pre-empted by the disease.  Centurions are rare.  I have a cousin who was my late father’s cousin who will celebrate her one-hundredth birthday before the end of the year; God bless her.  I am a Republican and in 2008, I had reservations about John McCain at seventy-three as to whether he would live to complete two terms in office.  I don’t understand how the Democrats cannot be concerned about that.

Though I disagree with him politically, I give Obama credit for breaking the color line and getting elected as America’s first African American president.  I have my differences with him politically, but I have to admit he is a relatively clean politician and a good family man.  For you women who want the first woman president, please wait a while.  Don’t be sold on Hilary Clinton—she is not an example for women or anyone else to follow.  Wait for a better woman.


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