I did not make it a project to follow the George Zimmerman case and I only want to make a short statement.  My heart cries out to the family of the late Treyvon Martin.  Whether he was a troubled youth or not, it is not a reason to shoot to kill. Treyvon had no gun and was not armed.  Back in the days of the Wild, Wild West, there was virtually no gun control but the one rule everyone lived by, never shoot an unarmed man; the penalty was not jail–you were hanged.

If you cut to the chase to the bottom line, this is how it concluded.  George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty by a jury of his peers.  The worst case scenario is a guilty man went free.
When our Founding Fathers were debating whether an accused person should be innocent until proven guilty like Great Britain, the nation we fought to obtain our independence, or guilty until proven innocent, like France, Ben Franklin convinced those making the decision that is is better if ten guilty men go free than one innocent man hang.
Therefore, the system did not fail.



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