Invest? With What?

Republican ElephantAs the battle between the party lines and the economic classes on Wall Street, Main Street, and Morning Glory Circle continues, one thing that strikes a chord with me is the concept of investing in America!  For the last twenty or so years, the modern Democrat party has tried to sell that bill of goods that we need to invest in the future of America; invest in education, the environment, alternative energy, and of course, health care.  My fellow Republicans and I have been accused of being the killjoys of the middle class by thwarting all these ideas in favor of tax incentives, elimination of federal departments, and balancing the federal budget, that -$16T number of which I keep referring.

The opposition got it right that we do have to eventually invest in all of the above and then some; but how do you invest when you have nothing to invest?  It is like asking a middle class family with a two-income earning in the mid-five figures struggling to put food on the table and cloth the kids for school to go hungry and invest in the stock market!  And you cannot raise taxes on the middle class either as that could very easily be the feather that topples the family pile into the poorhouse.  And you can only raise taxes on the wealthy so much or they will lose the wherewithal to hire and create jobs.  While I am not saying flat out no to investing in the aforementioned, I must say not yet.  We must balance the budget first!

Though I do not position myself on the continuum of the Michelle Bachmanns and Paul Ryans and other Tea Party extremists, I believe us as Americans first need to use the resources of this so called Tea Party to achieve what we must achieve first before achieving anything else becomes impossible.  Let’s limit government as much as possible now and get that number in the black.  Remember, America cannot hoard a surplus indefinitely.  Article Eight of our constitutions stipulates The United States of America cannot operate as a for-profit corporation and therefore must return surpluses to the American people in the form of what its citizens agree on via the representative democracy process where elect representatives accordingly and communicate to them their will and representatives override the will of people if and only if the elected officials deem the masses are embarking on a fatal mistake.

Remember the Schoenhaus Theorems involving reducing government to 1789 and then determining what can be added back and still keep America living below its means?  Though we cannot implement 1789 in reality even temporarily just to balance the budget, we can learn from this philosophy and get this nation on track so it does not go the way of Greece.  Invest in America?  Yes, but not yet.



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