In Re: El-Rushbo

Republican ElephantSo I hear Rush Limbaugh is ashamed of [his] country.  The conservative talk radio host is upset, as are most Americans, about the sequester, the mandatory spending cuts taking effect March 1st if Congress and the President can’t make a deal.  As conservative as I am, I admit I don’t always agree with El-Rushbo and on the things I do agree with him, I try to show a softer, more compassionate side.

For those of you who read, “The Great Sequester” blog I posted recently, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.  I am not cheerleading for the sequester to happen, I just think it will and I don’t think the Federal Government has any other choice but to let it go through since none of the so called proposed deals do any better with the deficit and for Democrats won’t come on board with even their own deals unless more spending is included.  To make draconian spending cuts and then increase taxes to give the government more money to spend is like draining the bathtub with the water running.  I think the sequester is unfortunately a Hobson’s choice.

Unlike Limbaugh et al., I actually have a solution; what I have been preaching since I launched The 7 Train back in November, 2011.  Mr. Limbaugh exclaimed: “No meat inspection.  No cops.  No teachers.  No firefighters.  No air traffic control.  I’m sorry, my day of getting roped into all of this are over…”  I can assure police, fire, and EMT are always going to be here; there are some things you have to have no matter how bear the cupboard may be.  And the military will always be there, just smaller.  And once the sequester happens, all branches of government will convene the first things they will resurrect are the most essential services.  As for everything else, remember my buzzword—privatization! 

Now when I spoke of privatization in many blog articles, I made it clear that it is privatization and prioritization.  We need a company like Delta or the now new and supercharged American Airlines to get into the railroad business and run a privately-owned railroad replacing Amtrak—twentieth century America was built on private railroads.  In Ontario, Canada, a company called Bombardier is the only company in the world that manufacturers both trains and planes.  Boeing or Lockheed-Martin could open a new division making rail cars so it is no longer necessary to import Kawasaki-made M-8 rail cars from Japan.  Even General Motors could get involved.  This will lead to the right kind of job creation to kick-start the economy.  With cross county rail service turned over to the private sector, billions will be saved right there.

Meat inspection, mail service, environmental protection, ultimately even education can be operated by the private sector.  The key is to make rules and stick with them.  This is the good kind of regulation—updating statute law as a source of regulation, make the private sector companies administering these services comply with the statutes, and rather than an unmanageable voucher system, have the Federal Government issue a government contract to one company specializing in the respective category, and rewarding the companies administering the service zero or drastically reduced corporate taxes while the respective competitors pay fair rates.

While ranking government services in order of importance is well, important, the Federal Government must also rank in terms in what is easiest and most practical to privatize and get in privatized ASAP.  Then the rest should be manageable.  Also remember, both sides including myself would make more sacrifices, even if we had to pay a little bit more taxes albeit I am middle-class, if we actually could achieve the $16 Trillion we need to achieve a balanced budget.  You can’t blame anyone for not being willing to sacrifice anything if at the end of the day, the nation is still very deep in debt.  It is hard to sell the American public on how the government can raise or save millions and billions when we have to pay off trillions.  I also recommended the hybridization of our currency to sixty percent Federal Reserve Notes and the other forty percent back on the gold standard.  Gold is trading higher and higher and the deficit reduces itself just by having a dollar worth a dollar.  Now let’s show off our true conservative pride with what our Founding Fathers from George Washington on up to Ronald Reagan had in mind!


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