Dating Across Party Lines

Thought we’d have a little fun!

Republican ElephantI was asked by a coworker at my place of work in Stamford, Connecticut who knows of my reputation as a staunch Republican conservative if I could date a liberal Democrat girl?  I never actually thought about this and consulted some web sites and blogs about opposites dating.  I did not find too many specific examples but I did find a few examples of people dating who have a very annunciated opposite.  He is a Yankee fan and she is a Red Sox fan, to name one.  But sports is all about fun—this is serious business.  I am a Met fan and would prefer her to be a Met fan so we can go to ballgames at Citi Field together, but I could adapt because by rooting for a different team, she is not having a direct effect on the future of America, and she may still enjoy a good ballgame.  But this is serious business!

The first question I would have to ask is How Liberal?  I could deal with a moderate liberal so long as she does not try to push me to the left.  Also, I would not want her making speeches all over the place selling her liberal ideas.  A Socialist or outright radical left-winger is out of the question.  And not because I could not be flexible to make a relationship work; that I can do; but the fact that she is hurting fellow Americans who are not involved in [our] relationship would give me a big problem.  No question to make a relationship work, you have to take the focus off yourself.  But the two parties in the relationship are not the only two people on Earth either.  We are ALL God’s children and even a good relationship between two unselfish people is problematic if people outside the relationship are hurt.  And liberal views can be detrimental to the American character which we Republican conservatives are working diligently to rebuild.

Another question: Suppose you could convert her? Well, I do not want to be converted to a liberal Democrat and relationships do not work if they are one-sided.  If she wanted to convert—absolutely!  That would be a feather in my cap even if the relationship did not last—if she couldn’t be a girlfriend, she could at least be a political ally rather than an adversary.  But I would have to know her for a long time and by being a good listener, maybe I could detect something in her words that would lead me to believe she doesn’t know why she’s a Democrat.  Once one realizes they don’t know why they are a Democrat, they want to convert.  Many Democrats need help converting because (1) their family is full of Democrats and (2) they fear the unknown; they hear too much negativity about conservatism from the liberal media they fear something bad is going to happen that they will be a part.  In the latter case, my goal would be to expose her to media outlets not sold out to the liberals; Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity, and The Blaze TV.  But I could not convert her against her will since I absolutely will not convert to the left side.

Question: If I decided to run for office as a Republican, would she support me? Not that I have any plans to run for office, but it brings up a good point.  Ron and Nancy.  George (HW) and Barbara.  George (W) and Laura.  And Barrack and Michelle.  I cannot imagine any of these presidencies being the same if their wives disagreed with them.  I neglected to mention Bill and Hilary; Bill cheated, and that says a mouthful about their relationship!  My own woman opposing me would be damning to my political career.  But it is a Catch-22; I wouldn’t want her to be unhappy and support me just for the sake of opportunism—read back that statement—sounds like a relationship killer to me.  So I would want to ask her this question well in advance of any feelings for each other metastasizing.  If I ran for office, my woman would have to be, and for that matter, want to be my ally, not my adversary.  And a relationship partners really should be lifelong allies with respect to each other.

Question: If you had kids together, how would they be affected? At age fifty, I am not planning to have any kids although I am very good with other people’s kids.  But even in a no-kids relationship, it is a valid hypothetical detail that has to be worked out.  Somebody’s kids will most-likely be listening to both of us.  America cannot afford to raise another generation of bleeding-heart liberals who grow up anti-American.  We need to resurrect the American Dream and make it flourish.  It is late in life for me, but I am very concerned about future generations whose future is in small-business ownership.  How could I live with a person telling today’s children, the future of America for whom guys like me are so interested in the future of American and the American Dream, the need for bigger government and more entitlements.  That could bring down a whole generation—a generation who needs to understand that limited government is to your advantage and that you will not have entitlements to cling onto.  If I had my youth over and wanted get married and raise a family, I would not want my kids growing up to be liberals.  And I would want them to register as Republicans on their eighteenth birthdays.  My mate has to be with me, not against me.

Question: If she wanted to run for office as a Democrat, would you support her? Sadly, no.  OK, I am human and I have my own tragic flaws.  I have come a long way when it comes to women’s rights and am OK with most of them.  If my girl were a Republican and were running as a Republican in support of my conservative beliefs, absolutely—I would be her unofficial campaign manager and support her to the hilt.  But if she were a Democrat running on liberal policy platforms, I’m sorry, but that I couldn’t do—I draw the line there.

I think a big mitigating factor would have to be how actively involved she is in her liberal politics.  If she is who she is but it is not a big priority in her life, it may work out.  Remember, someone like a socialist is never passive, so if she is passive about it, she is moderately liberal by default.  I would however, like her to vote on Election Day—it is hard for me to accept someone who won’t exercise the right people died for during the American Revolution.  There is a fine line of distinction between passive and apathetic.  I could never have a relationship with someone too apathetic to get up on the morning of the first Tuesday in November and cast a ballot.

All in all, for the most part, it would not be a deal breaker as long as she was OK with me remaining a conservative Republican.  I think if we cared for each other more than we cared about our personal politics, it would work.  Just remember, we are all obligated to love God even more than we love our own families, or potential mates.  I could handle the relationship locally; that is between her and me.  But for a God-fearing person to have a relationship, that’s not good enough—we are all God’s children and we must give thought to the global impact of our relationship, not just the two of us.  Based on what I have conjured up, I leave you to come to your own conclusions.



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