Obama v. Rubio

Republican ElephantLast Tuesday night we heard President Obama deliver the annual State of the Union Address where he discussed the economy, gun control, and reinvesting in America.  Then we heard Senator Marco Rubio (R-FLA) give the Republican response.  I have a great deal of respect for Marco Rubio, but he fell a little short of the real issue.

As expected, the gun-violence issue had to be addressed with people from Newtown, Connecticut including staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School in attendance.  Both sides agree their need to be a reduction in gun violence; the two sides vary in how, more guns or more gun control.  Rock star Ted Nugent spoke twenty-four hours later on how important people are protected by armed guards, why not our children?  I don’t have a better idea right now, but it is a sad day for America if that is the only way our schools are safe.  Furthermore, no gun or gun control scenario could have prevented something like that.

Obama wants to raise the Federal minimum wage to $9.00 per hour.  Granted, you can’t put off raising the minimum wage to meet inflation and cost of living forever, but there couldn’t be a worse time with the wheels of job creation just beginning to turn.  It is currently $7.25 and it would make sense to try $8.00 first.  Remember, an employer only has to pay at least minimum wage if he hires someone.

While the economic portion of the State of the Union was centered on Obama’s view that government should increase government spending in entitlements to rebuild the middle class in
America, Rubio suggested investing in limited government and providing opportunities for any one middle class or below to overcome and survive and flourish in a limited government society.  My fellow conservatives and I know exactly how I feel about it, but sometimes it’s not about saying no, it’s about saying “not yet.”  The bottom line is the federal government cannot invest in anything at this time—it is $16 Trillion in debt and has no money to invest.  The only algorithm for rebuilding America (all classes) is to balance the budget, create a reasonable surplus, and then make a sensible and constitutional decision on how to invest that money back to the American people.  Unlike states, the Federal government cannot have a so called rainy day fund—as stated in Article 3 of the Constitution, the Federal Government is prohibited from becoming a for-profit entity and when it has a surplus, it must give it back to the American people in one form or another.  My hopes and dreams would be in the form of helping people help themselves in the limited government scenario or Founding Fathers intended for us.

Ken Blanchard in a popular self-help book called Ninety-Nine Road Signs to Success, once said the fundamental definition of the word average is either the best of the worst or the worst of the best.  No American should settle for either—we should all strive to be the best of the best we can be.  In my view, the word average functions as a pseudonym for middle class.  Entitlements enslave us all to the complacency in the class we are in.  Furthermore, I have blogged on several occasions that the future of the American economy and the American Dream is a small business society; where those graduating college do what they set out to do when they selected their majors, only instead of going through the career placement process and enslaving themselves to a boss in a somebody else’s business working for somebody else’ dream, to do it in small companies they own.

So step one is a balanced budget and step two is to fulfill the prophesy I suggest.  I’m not saying no, I’m simply saying “not yet.”  The time has come to do whatever it takes to get the budget balanced!


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